Continuum of the Mulawin-Encantadia universe

Continuity from the Encantadia 2016-2017 series

It was initially said that Mulawin vs. Ravena is unconnected to Encantadia (2016-2017).[1][2] This no longer seems to be the case due to the revelations in Episode 50 of Mulawin vs. Ravena:

  • The explanation given as to the existence of two Mulawins named Pagaspas is only necessary with respect to the Encantadia 2016-2017.
  • Glaiza de Castro and Mikee Quintos, reprising their roles as Pirena and Lira respectively in Mulawin vs. Ravena, follow their 2016 character flow instead of 2005 character flow, and their 2016 outfits are retained.
  • Pirena would not have had human-faced Hathor soldiers in the Encantadia 2005 version.

Continuity from the Encantadia 2005-2006 series

Complications have arisen with regard to the nature of Mulawin vs. Ravena and Encantadia 2016. While Mulawin vs. Ravena is a pure sequel, Encantadia 2016 is a retelling and a sequel. The following observations could be made on Mulawin vs. Ravena Episode 49 and Episode 50:

  • Crossover characters Lira and Pirena are from Encantadia 2016.
  • Pirena has acknowledged having bad relations with the Mulawins of the human world (something not shown in Encantadia 2016), while Pagaspas of Mulawin vs. Ravena recalls having met Amihan, the mother of Lira (2016). However, Pagaspas of Mulawin vs. Ravena could only have met Amihan of Encantadia 2005 or Mulawin the Movie.

As such, it appears that the Encantadia 2005 and Encantadia 2016 have been "woven together" into one single narrative - in general, Encantadia 2016's narrative would prevail, but is "supplemented" by the events that had happened in Encantadia 2005 and Mulawin the Movie.


If the appearance of Lira and Pirena in the World of Mulawin vs. Ravena is canonical, the most feasible chronology for it would be the time after Amihan's death and before the rise of Etheria.



Tabon refers to a Mulawin or Ravena that has a human parent.

In adulthood, most Tabons are distinguished from the purebloods due to having few or no feathers on their head, and having brown eyes instead of the Mulawins' light-green or Ravenas' red.

Some pure-blood Mulawins or Ravenas consider Tabons inferior, and discriminate against them.


Sugo (literally Emissary) refers to a Savior of the Mulawin or Ravena race. There are two known Mulawin sugos - Aguiluz and Alwina. Gabriel is currently the only known Ravena sugo. As the son of the sugos, Almiro is also called a sugo, but he has not yet fulfilled the known requisites.

Royal Houses

House of Bagwis

  • Bagwis
    • Alwina, daughter of Vultra/Veronica

House of Ravenum

  • Ravenum
    • Gabriel, son of Lucila Montenegro
      • Tagaktak, daughter of Alwina
      • Uwak-ak, son of Rashana
    • Aguiluz, son of Salimbay
      • Almiro, son of Alwina

House of Rasmus

  • Rasmus
    • Rafael, son of Savannah Montenegro
  • Rashana, sister of Rasmus
    • Uwak-ak, son of Gabriel

House of Daragit




A Perico.

Perico is a subspecies of the Mulawin race, which are patterned after parrots. Dakdak is their tribe leader.



A Musang.

Musang is a catlike humanoid race. Laab is their tribe leader.



A Hunyango.

Hunyango is a chamelion-like humanoid race. They have the ability to become invisible or to transform into another creature. They're mainly the allies of the Ravenas. They have poisonous claws in battle.



Lumad refers to the native humans. They are named after their ancestor Lumad, a son of the supreme god Mandarangan and the goddess Sandawa.


Taguba is an Amazon-like tribe composed exclusively of women. Maningning is their tribe leader.



The Scouts as they give salute to Almiro and Anya.

The Scouts were a group of young-looking people who wear BSP (Boy Scout of the Philippines) uniform. They were originally kids whose plane fell on a forest, where they were stuck. They found the Mystic Jewel (or Mahiwagang Hiyas), which kept them young. Lazcano is the leader of the scouts.

Minor Characters



Portrayed by: Richard Gutierrez (Archive footage from Mulawin The Movie)

Aguiluz is the father of Almiro and the sugo of the Mulawins during Dakila's reign on Avila. He is the husband of Alwina and half-brother of Gabriel with their father Lord Ravenum of Halconia. He was killed when he and his father stabbed each other. He was resurrected with the help of Amihan, Alena and Danaya in Mulawin the Movie. It is unknown how Aguiluz died again after that.


Portrayed by: Heart Evangelista and Angel Locsin (Archive footage from Mulawin The Movie)

Alwina is the sugo of the Mulawins during Dakila's reign and the daughter of King Bagwis of Avila and Queen Vultra of Halconia (later Veronica). She is the wife of Aguiluz. She is the mother of Almiro (by Aguiluz) and Tagaktak (by Gabriel). She was killed by Queen Rashana of Halconia when protecting Uwak-ak and Tagaktak.


Patty Portrayed by: B Delgado

Patty is one of the Tabons who extremely admires Pagaspas. She can talk millennial words.


Riya Portrayed by: Angela Evangelista

Riya is one of the Tabons and Patty's friend. Like Patty, she can talk millennial words.


Portrayed by: Ayra Mariano

Selda is a Tabon and a daughter of Lumbas. Her ugatpak comes from a deceased Mulawin, which resulted her appearance being semi-bald and almost disfigured. She befriends Lawiswis and Pagaspas.


Pakdaw Portrayed by: Lharby Policarpio

Pakdaw is a full-blooded Mulawin and one of the soldiers in Avila.


Roha is one of the Mulawins who flew with Almiro's party. He was struck by lightning and fell down.


Portrayed by: Eddie Gutierrez (Archive footage from Mulawin the Movie)

Lord Dakila of Avila is the third son of Sandawa and Mandarangan. He is the founder of Avila and the first leader of the Mulawins. During the battle against Ravenum, Dakila and the Mulawins joined forces with the Lirean soldiers and Ybarro against the Ravenas. Dakila sacrificed his life to save Alwina from the Ravenas and he died. He had a daughter named Paloma who had been killed by the Ravenas earlier.


Portrayed by: Carla Abellana and Bianca King (Archive footage from Mulawin the Movie)

Aviona is one of the bravest warriors of Avila during Dakila's reign. She had feelings towards Aguiluz, until she accepted the fact he loved Alwina. Aviona had participated in the last battle against the resurrected Ravenum. Years later, she married Rodrigo Manalastas and they have their daughter named Anya. Upon the closing of Avila after the Mulawins have killed by Antonio's group, Aviona had left her daughter in Avila and she disappeared. She also mourned the death of her husband Rodrigo after he saved Anya from Antonio's group earlier. However, she later found out that Rodrigo is alive and being treated by Tres Aves. When they're about to return to Avila, Daragit orders the Hunyagos to imprison Aviona and Rodrigo. However, as the fall of Halconia reaches its climax, Aviona and Rodrigo are able to battle the remaining Ravenas before they escape. Aviona and Rodrigo finally reunite with Anya at the finale.



Tangos Portrayed by: JC Tiuseco

Tangos is a Mulawin who had lost his wife and daughter after both were killed by Antonio's henchmen. Tangos is extremely loyal to Daragit. He later becomes a Ravena upon Daragit's orders to eat the Pulang Binhi.


Ningas Portrayed by: Bryan Benedict

Ningas is one of the Ravena soldiers who is loyal to Prince Siklab of Halconia, and later King Rafael of Halconia.


Portrayed by: Michael De Mesa (Archive footage from Mulawin the Movie)

Lord Ravenum of Halconia was a Mulawin who was exiled by Dakila for making war against the humans and later transfigured into a Ravena. He is the surrogate father of Rasmus, the real father of Aguiluz and Gabriel, and the evil lord of the Ravenas. He was dead for a long time ago and later was revived by Pirena, the Sang'gre from Lireo by using the Gintong Binhi, a special item created by Emre to revive a dead.

Ravenum together with the other Ravenas joined forces with Pirena against the diwatas of Lireo and the Mulawins. During the battle, Aguiluz fought with Ravenum and both killed each other. Before his last dying breath, Ravenum entrusted the Ugat-pak of Gabriel to the Hunyagos.


Portrayed by: Gary Estrada (Archive footage from Mulawin)

Rasmus is the illegitimate son of Ravenum who was a Mulawin before he became a Ravena when Ravenum exiled from Avila. Rasmus became the king of the Ravenas in Halconia and he married Vultra as his queen. He mainly rivaled Bagwis and Aguiluz. He had gained his son named Rafael, with Savanna Montenegro when she was converted into a Ravena.

When Gabriel was revealed to be the son of Lord Ravenum, the lord of the Ravenas had betrayed Rasmus and he exiled him from Halconia. Feeling remorse and guilty for what he had done, he had found an ally in Aramis, son of Lourdes. Rasmus returned his loyalty to the Mulawins once again after he forgave Dakila, Bagwis and the rest of the Mulawins, at the same time he has purified into a Mulawin. Rasmus was killed by Ravenum in their final confrontation.


Portrayed by: Ara Mina

Vultra was a human named Veronica living in the town Pugad Lawin who was turned into a Ravena. She became the queen of Halconia, the wife of King Rasmus. Vultra later met Daragit who is a Mulawin and have a son named Siklab. She had some plans for Tuka which allow her to let Siklab and Lawiswis marry, in which Pagaspas should not know.

Vultra later transformed herself into a human named Violeta Kalaw (later Montenegro) to kill the sugo (Alwina). She was revealed as the wife of Bagwis and the biological mother of Alwina. Vultra had converted in to a Mulawin and she had forgiven Alwina. Veronica died from her internal bleeding when she was fatally stabbed by Lourdes (when she was a Ravena, but later eventually reverted back to her human self after the destruction of the Tree of Ravena).

Vultra has special abilities and powers that she first showcased when she transformed into a human like yypnotism, illusion creation, transfiguration, pyrokinesis and others. She got them when she died and was resurrected by Ravenum as a Ravena.



Maningning Portrayed by: Shermaine Santiago

Maningning is the leader of the Taguba tribe. She had held Alwina's alampay before she passed it to Lawiswis.



Estrella is one of the Tagubas who encountered a Borona. One of the Hunyagos has disguised Estrella to trick Almiro into thinking about the whereabouts of Minokawa.



Portrayed by: Joey Paras

Dakdak is the leader of the Perico tribe and he's part of the council in Avila. Gabriel sought Dakdak's help in battle against the Ravenas headed by Rafael.



Lazcano is the leader of the scouts who held the Mystic Jewel or Mahiwagang Hiyas. He rejects to give it to Almiro at first, thinking that they're enemies. When Lazcano uses the Mystic Jewel to summon a monster, he is scared off until Almiro managed to save him by using the Mystic Jewel to return the monster back to the latter. Lazcano finally entrusts the Mystic Jewel to Almiro.


Portrayed by: Tom Rodriguez

Rodrigo Manalastas is a mortal and the son of Consuelo. He is once a forrest ranger and married with Aviona who is a Mulawin and have a daughter named Anya. Since Daragit became the new leader of the Mulawins, Rodrigo wanted himself to became a forrest ranger again and he was followed by Anya until one day, when he was on the way to the camp of his fellow forrest rangers, a group of illegal loggers and hunters were cutting trees which was leaded by Antonio. Rodrigo didn't realized that he was been followed by his daughter, Anya and Rodrigo said that Anya shall return to Avila and later was shot by one of Antonio's illegal workers. It is revealed that he was under the care of Tres Aves before Aviona found him. When they were about to return to Avila, Daragit orders the Hunyagos to imprison Aviona and Rodrigo. However, as the fall of Halconia reaches its climax, Aviona and Rodrigo were able to battle the remaining Ravenas in order to escape. Aviona and Rodrigo finally reunite with Anya at the finale.

Savanna Montenegro

Portrayed by: Charee Pineda

Savanna was a social climber who tries to get attention of Gabriel. During her younger years, she was a bully and a rival to Alwina. When Gabriel becomes a Ravena, Savanna was purified into a Ravena, becoming one of the Ravena generals. Savanna had battled Alwina during the last war, until Savanna was "killed" by Alwina by weakening her wings and was fell off from the cliff. However Savanna is managed to survive from her fall and she was reverted back into her human self. How she was managed to recover from her injuries is still unknown, although she has fragments of memories about the Mulawins and the Ravenas.

Some years later, Savanna took the surname of Montenegro in order to take over the wealth of Hacienda Montenegro and she later had a son named Rafael. She also became the richest person in Tierra Fuego and owner of Hacienda Montenegro. Then, she ran for Congresswoman, as Savanna Montenegro.

When Rafael is revealed to be a Ravena, Savanna tells her son that she had a dream about a Ravena royalty, revealed to be Rasmus, who has a son. She tells him that Rafael is the son of Rasmus and Rafael should be the next king of Halconia. She was later converted into a Ravena once again after her son convinced her to join the Ravenas. She was killed by the unnamed monster, Magindara and Siklab's child. Rafael mourns over her death.


Portrayed by: Joko Diaz

Antonio is the leader of a group of hunters and woodmen. One of the personnel henchman and accomplice of Savanna.


Portrayed by: Mike "Pekto" Nacua

Simeon is the husband of Adora who adopted Pagaspas and named him as "Bogart".


Portrayed by: Joanna Marie Katanyag

Adora is the wife of Simeon who adopted Pagaspas and called him as "Bogart".


Portrayed by: Lianne Valentino

Shiela first appeared when a thief stole her mobile device. Luckily, Pagaspas managed to stop the thief and returned the mobile device to her owner. Shiela thanked Pagaspas for what he have done.

She works at a bird sanctuary called Birds of Paradise and seems to be a kind and caring woman at first. Over time, she becomes really attached to Pagaspas while he's in human form under the name Bogart.


Portrayed by: Angelu de Leon and Amy Austria (Archive footage from Mulawin)

Lourdes is a human. She found a giant egg which hatched Alwina whom she eventually adopted. She is accused as a witch in Tierra Fuego. She was later purified into a Ravena queen by Ravenum. She is the mother of Aramis.

When Daragit became a Ravena, a war happened on Avila between the Mulawins and the Ravenas. The Mulawins later surrendered the war and Lourdes was executed by Tuka.


Portrayed by: Dexter Doria

Rosing is a human who adopted Aguiluz on Tierra Fuego. Since Aguiluz died, she serves to the Consejo, the council of the Mulawins.


Tree of Mulawin

The Tree of Mulawin (in Tagalog: Puno ng Mulawin) is a large tree upon which the life force of the Mulawin race is bound.

Tierra Fuego

Tierra Fuego is a town near Mount Apo. The Montenegro family is known as the most richest family in town. They lived at Hacienda Montenegro.

Mount Latukan

Mount Latukan is the headquarters of Tres Aves. It is surrounded by various traps. The powerful weapon Ruwido is located at Mount Latukan and it is guarded by Tres Aves. Supernatural powers such as ivictus do not work within it.


Book of Balasik

The Book of Balasik (or simply called Balasik) is the mysterious book which has prophetic powers. It is held by Goddess Sandawa.

Berdeng Binhi

Berdeng Binhi (in English: Green Seed) is a seed from the Tree of Mulawin that has the power to heal wounds or convert the consumer to a Mulawin.

Pulang Binhi

Pulang Binhi (in English: Red Seed) is a seed from the Tree of Mulawin that has the power to convert the consumer to a Ravena.


Selerio is a leaf-shaped harmonica given to Panabon by Dyosang Sandawa. Sandawa can hear it wherever it is, and goes to its location for the sake of Panabon.


Ruwido is a powerful spear that can beat Minokawa. Its design is similar to De-jar. The weapon apparently belonged to, or was meant for, Aviona in the past. Consequently, Almiro's party thought it should be for Anya.

Mystic Jewel

The Mystic Jewel (in Tagalog: Mahiwagang Hiyas) is a powerful artifact that could act as a power source for the Ruwido. Among its powers are the ability to make people young, and to make slingshots pellets that could paralyze.


  1. Don Michael Perez: "Mulawin vs. Ravena is a sequel, not a remake or a retelling. It draws from the Mythology and History of Mulawin (2004), and continues from the story and timeline of Mulawin the Movie."
  2. Noel Layon Flores: "Please do not connect the Mulawin of Encantadia (2016) to the Mulawin of MvR at this point. MvR follows 2004 Mulawin and Enca 2005 universe.