Warrior Transformation is the power of a Sang'gre Gem Keeper to change into her armor near instantaneously.

The armors worn by the Sang'gres through Warrior Transformation seems to be tied to the possession of a gem. The most obvious example is Alena, who does not wear her armor when she does not have the Water Gem. When Pirena returned Alena's gem, she instantly resumed wearing her special armor.[1] An exception was when Ariana wore Amihan's special armor without prior ownership of a gem.


Unlike in the 2005-2006 series, the depiction of Warrior Transformation has been rather rare. It has only been shown in the following episodes:


Each Sang'gre, dressed in her royal gown, stands on a large magic circle, with three identical magic circles behind her. Surrounded by their respective elements, their dresses transform into armors, their eyes light up briefly, and then they make their poses. The Sang'gre poses during their Warrior Transformation in Episode 12 may allude to the emblems in the banners of the four realms:

Pose Symbolism Magic Circle
Alena WT Adamya banner Water Magic Circle
Sang'gre Alena: Tail of a sirena
Danaya WT Sapiro banner Earth Magic Circle
Sang'gre Danaya: Horns of a sarangay
Amihan WT Lireo banner Air Magic Circle
Sang'gre Amihan: Wings of a lambana
Pirena WT Hathoria banner Fire Magic Circle
Sang'gre Pirena: Wings of a dragon

Warrior Transformation


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