Kung sakaling kumpleto pa ang mga Sang'gre at Heran, ito ang mangyayari....

Hera Andora of Hera Sensa vs Hara Pirena of Hathoria (intelligence)

Hara Avria of Hera Andal vs Hara Amihan of Lireo (queens of respective kingdoms)

Hera Odessa of Hera Aega vs Sang'gre Alena of Lireo/Adamya (rival to Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro and has the ability to enchant anyone ; Sang'gre Alena - using voice and Hera Odessa - using bow and arrow)

Hera Juvila of Hera Volo vs Hara Danaya of Lireo (fierce battling)

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