How long are Sang'gre pregnancies?

Without a canon source, I could only speculate as to how long it takes.

Assuming that there are no time lapses,

  • Amihan
    • Raquim is informed of Mine-a's pregnancy at either dawn or sunset (I'll pick dawn)
    • Raquim visits Mine-a in daylight, fights war with Hathoria by afternoon
    • At night, Arvak is slain, Amihan is born
  • Mira and Lira
    • Pirena and Amihan meet with the dads of their babies in dreams
    • By morning, Amihan tells her sisters of her pregnancy
    • Night - Amihan meets Ybarro in Adjantao
    • Later that night - Mine-a dies, Amihan gives birth. Same with Pirena.

Based on the continuous action - especially from Lira's conception to birth - the shortest period is probably 24 hours.

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