What are the powers of someone who is both a Sapiryan royal and a Sang'gre?

It has been established that the royal Sapiryans have healing abilities. Are healing abilities passed on to Sang'gre-Sapiryans, such as Amihan and Lira?

So far Amihan had not yet exhibited any healing abilities - it seems she needed Danaya's healing when she was wounded by Pirena. Maybe she did not think it possible, or maybe she could only have one type of nature (Sang'gre nature vs Sapiryan nature, in which case she definitely has Sang'gre powers).

The case of Lira is even more curious. It is established that she has teleportation abilities - which up till now seems reserved for the diwatas. Will she also have healing abilities, as she is more Sapiryan in terms of descent than diwata? Possibilities:

  • Encantados descended from different races can acquire powers both races
  • Encantados descended from different races can only acquire powers from one race
    • The determination of which power would be inherited is random
    • The powers of some races are genetically more dominant than others, Diwata over Sapiryan in this case
      • Or the powers may be linked to gender, diwata for females and Sapiryan for males

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