Episode 19's title "Misyon" is a serious head-scratcher. The title should have some relation to the content, and I am having a hard time determining what it is this time.


  • Ybarro-Alena breakup
  • Asval's kantao
  • Danaya's report on Mine-a's killer
  • Ybarro's departure
  • Pirena returns the key
  • Adoption of Lira
  • Muyak watching over Lira
  • Alena, Danaya and Imaw attacked by dragon
  • Ybarro saving Adamyans
  • Pirena training Mira
  • Fortune-teller warns Amanda

Possible missions:

  • Asval - to obtain the kantao and obtain the throne of Sapiro
  • Danaya's report - investigating Mine-a's death
  • Muyak - to watch over Lira
  • Alena and Danaya - some unspecified mission or they were simply strolling?
  • Ybarro - leaving Alena behind

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