Does Mine-a have a grave?

This question was generated by the events of Episode 18. Pirena took care of an "obstacle" (she left Lira in the human world). Danaya overhears her and asks her to explain herself. Pirena lies, saying she went to the tomb of their ancestors to visit her mother's grave.

Pirena lied. Mine-a's body was taken to Devas by the butterflies.

What is puzzling is why did her sisters believe her? Is this a plot hole?

So I crafted some theories to cover up this plot hole:

  • the Sang'gres forgot that their mother's body was taken to Devas (memory gap theory)
  • the "grave" referred to did not contain a body, but is simply some place of memorial (pseudo-grave theory)
  • the butterflies take Mine-a's body to carry her soul to Devas. Once her soul is there, they return the body to Lireo, which is buried in the grave (returned body theory)

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