This is my first blog.

One of the basic errors I have to guard against is the confusion of the character names of Agane and Gurna. I am confused with them because they are both women in the service of Hathoria. But Gurna's name sounds more like a warrior's than Agane's, so I sometimes write 'Gurna' even if I refer to Agane. But I never write 'Agane' when I refer to 'Gurna'.

Another exasperating name is 'Mine-a'. The dash serves no purpose, as it sounds the same even if spelled as 'Minea'. I have seen both spellings in use; I saw a chapter with Mine-a's name spelled as 'Minea'. I will standardize the spelling in favor of the plainer one.

-Arathi (talk) 13:49, August 8, 2016 (UTC)