• Arathi

    LilaSari's mother

    February 10, 2017 by Arathi

    In Episode 83, Pirena asked Cassiopea who Lilasari's mother is. Cassiopea said she cannot tell Pirena, because even Lilasari's mother doesn't know that Lilasari is her daughter. For her statement to make sense, I thought that Lilasari's mother should still be alive at that point, but there were very few other powerful female characters of note that we know about. If dead characters can be included among the possible mothers of Lilasari, Avria would be an easy pick.

    P.S. - I placed this on the blog instead of article comment because I think this remains to be a possibly legit spoiler.

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  • Arathi

    New Encantadia

    February 8, 2017 by Arathi

    Really excited about the new chapters of Encantadia. Sad to see Amihan go, but it could not be helped. Until the next time, beloved queen.

    Glad to see Pirena as Queen of Hathoria... It was one of the oversights of the 2004 series. But where would she get the people to repopulate her kingdom? Will the surviving Hathors be turned to normal, or will she just recruit from the other Encantado races?

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  • Arathi

    Dramatic scenes in Encantadia

    November 25, 2016 by Arathi

    Some really good scenes, in my opinion

    • Episode 91: Lira questioning her worth, Imaw telling her that he thinks she has an important part to play
    • Episode 93: Lira rejects Ether's offer to restore her true form, in exchange for giving up her destiny to restore peace
    • Episode 94: Emre's monologue promising a good future for Lira (even though no one heard him except the TV audience)
    • Episode 106: Lira's invisible birthmark; Lira weeps when Amihan embraced Mira; Pirena weeps when she saw Mira's proclamation as successor
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  • Arathi

    Multiple descent

    August 19, 2016 by Arathi

    What are the powers of someone who is both a Sapiryan royal and a Sang'gre?

    It has been established that the royal Sapiryans have healing abilities. Are healing abilities passed on to Sang'gre-Sapiryans, such as Amihan and Lira?

    So far Amihan had not yet exhibited any healing abilities - it seems she needed Danaya's healing when she was wounded by Pirena. Maybe she did not think it possible, or maybe she could only have one type of nature (Sang'gre nature vs Sapiryan nature, in which case she definitely has Sang'gre powers).

    The case of Lira is even more curious. It is established that she has teleportation abilities - which up till now seems reserved for the diwatas. Will she also have healing abilities, as she is more Sapiryan in terms of d…

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  • Arathi


    August 16, 2016 by Arathi

    Trivia: Names that start with "A" occur in Encantadia with some frequency.

    Somehow, consciously or unconsciously, this is the case. Less frequently, but second to A, are the names that start with "M".

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