Tuka is a former Mulawin who was the adopted mother of Lawiswis. She becomes a Ravena once again.

Tuka is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.



Tuka has a deep hatred not only towards the humans and the Tabons, but also to Lawiswis' childhood friend Pagaspas. She did everything to prevent Lawiswis from seeing Pagaspas. Tuka is also a loyalist to Daragit, in terms of the superiority of the Mulawins.


Tuka was a Mulawin but turned against them as a Ravena with her "daughter" Lawiswis and her friend Kuwak. She served as Queen Vultra's helper/servant as well as King Rasmus' and later Habagat's. She was also tasked by Vultra to betroth her son Siklab to Lawiswis. After many years, Tuka turned back to the Mulawins.

She seduces Daragit and she convinces him to make her his queen consort in Avila, in which he agrees.

During Daragit's tyrannical reign, he orders his loyalists, including Tuka and Tangos, to eat the Pulang Binhi in order for them to become Ravenas. Tuka is also responsible for executing Lourdes, in which results to Pagaspas' wrath.

During the liberation of Avila, Pagaspas battles Tuka in his anger and he tries to kill her, but Lawiswis prevents him to do so, as Tuka is escaped to Halconia.

When Pirena and Lira manage to enter into the human world via Asnamon portal, Lira uses the Flute of Mulawin to supposedly summon the Mulawin. However, Tuka and her Ravena army who have just heard of the sound coming from the Flute of Mulawin appears and she orders the Ravenas to charge against the two. Pirena challenges Tuka in a duel, even when she calls her "warka".[1]



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  • In the Tagalog Language, Tuka means "beak".
  • Valerie Concepcion previously portrayed Sang'gre Danaya of Lireo in Mulawin the Movie.
    • Danaya's original actress Diana Zubiri was supposed to play her role in Mulawin the Movie, but it was said by Robbie Tan of Seiko Films that he did not allow his then-contract stars to appear, including Alfred Vargas who supposedly portray Aquil, to appear in the said movie. Valerie Concepcion became Zubiri's replacement for portaying Danaya.
  • Marissa Sanchez originally played Tuka in 2004 Mulawin series.
    • Tuka was served as a comic relief in 2004 Mulawin series, alongside her partner Kuwak/Makisig (played by Bearwin Meily). Her character has drastically changed into supporting antagonist in Mulawin vs. Ravena.

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  1. Mulawin vs. Ravena Episode 49 post-credits teaser

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