Taong ligaw (Lost people) refers to humans captured by bandidos or other Encantados who surrender them to the bandidos as tribute. They serve as slaves to the bandidos, who feed them black rice, which prevents them from aging, and thereby allowing the bandidos to have them as slaves permanently. The existence of these people was kept secret from the monarchy of Lireo.

They were enlisted to the Hathor cause after Hagorn promised them freedom after the defeat of Lireo. After the Fall of Lireo, they requested the fulfillment of Hagorn's promise, but Hagorn only freed them from being alive, i.e., killing them.

Version differences

  • In the original version, Encantadia is not a place for humans when they got sick. Notable example is Anthony, who got sick upon his prolonged stay in Sapiro.
    • In the third book of the series however, there are some instances that humans didn't get affected by the condition such as Azulan, who was from the human world, has given a mysterious power by Nunong Dilawan of Punjabwe, however he became aged once he went back to the human world. Azulan's human servant Juancho also didn't get affected by that said condition by unknown means when he entered into Encantadia, alongside Violeta and Luntian, to find Princess Armea of Sapiro.
    • In Mulawin the Movie, Gabriel, son of Lord Ravenum of Halconia, and Lourdes, surrogated mother of Alwina, did not also get affected by the condition when both appeared in the wedding ceremony of Aguiluz and Alwina at Lireo, which was officiated by Queen Amihan. Gabriel was a half-Ravena while Lourdes was formerly converted into Ravena by Ravenum from Mulawin 2004 series.
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