Sky Portal (in Tagalog: Himpapawid na Lagusan[1]) is the third portal[2] between Encantadia and the human world. It was located in the sky, making it accessible to the Mulawins. It was located in the Northeast between Sapiro and Hathoria.

The place is marked by a Devas Circle of bluish-white light. The portal opens near the palace of Lireo in Encantadia.

Emre made use of a Sky Portal to send Mira a sword from Devas.[3]

In Mulawin vs. Ravena, a creature known as Minokawa can create a Sky Portal. It conjured a Sky Portal near the palace of Hathoria, which vanished after it had crossed to the human world.[4]

Almiro and his group found the Sky Portal in order to go to Encantadia after they bypassed the lightning, which stroke on one of the Mulawins who accompanied with Almiro.[5]


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