The Kingdom of Sapiro (in Tagalog: Kaharian ng Sapiro) is a monarchy located at the west of Lireo, north of Adamya and east of Hathoria. It is the home of the Sapiryans. Sapiro had once been entrusted with the Earth Gem.

The kingdom was founded by Jamir,[1] the Encantado lover of Bathalumang Haliya. It is unknown if the current royal house of Sapiro is also descended from him.

Its sovereignty was once again restored as a kingdom upon the accession of Ybrahim as its new king. The Royal House of King Menno is again the reigning dynasty.

National emblem

Sapiro banner Sapiro earth banner

The Minotaur-like national emblem of Sapiro is based from a Philippine mythological creature called the sarangay, a half-man, half-bull demon.

Upon receiving the Earth Gem, the emblem began to sport the gem's symbol.

Known colors:

  • Gold on brown (Sapiryan shields in Sapiro)
  • Gold on red (war banners)
  • Gold on green (Sapiryan shields in Lireo)

Military colors:

  • Gold and red (under Rama Ybrahim)


The Kingdom of Sapiro was founded by an Encantado named Jamir, who had a pretentious romantic relationship with the goddess, Haliya. The moon deity appeased Jamir by providing him material wealth through rare stones. Unknown to her, Jamir already has a family and was only after her riches, which he used to set up his own kingdom. Haliya went down from the moon and discovered Jamir's treachery; she cursed his infant daughter to petrify anyone who sees her face. 

Sapiro later joined forces with the territory of Adamya, and the kingdoms of Hathoria and Lireo during the Etherian war to defeat the mighty kingdom of Etheria. When Cassiopea divided the Mother Gem into four, the Earth Gem, which has healing abilities, was given to King Armeo.

During the War between Sapiro and Hathoria,[2] the forces of Sapiro and Lireo halted the Hathor advance. Sapiro paid a high price for its victory, as both its king and queen were slain during the war, and their son and heir Ybrahim was lost and was believed to be killed as well. With the kingdom of Sapiro in a state of anarchy, most of the surviving Sapiryans fled to Lireo and accepted Lirean rule. Prince Raquim, the only royal left, had a legitimate claim for the throne, and had almost absolute power after acquiring the gems of Earth, Fire and Water during the war. Prince Asval suggested to harness the gems' powers to expand Sapiro's borders and become the most powerful kingdom in the land, but Raquim dismissed the suggestion, believing that none of the Sapiryan race was worthy of keeping the gems, and that there would only be peace in Encantadia if the gems were complete and in the safekeeping of the Diwatas. Raquim gave all three gems to Queen Minea of Lireo.

Upon the rediscovery and later, coronation of Prince Ybrahim as king, Sapiro rose again as a prosperous kingdom and involves itself in the industry of ship-building.[3]



Location of Sapiro in Encantadia.

Sapiro is the second-largest kingdom in Encantadia, after Hathoria.

Notable locations

  • Sapiro Royal Palace - the palace of the Kings of Sapiro, it was abandoned after the war against Hathoria. But this was gradually restored through the years until its prominence was returned upon the leadership of Rama Ybrahim.
  • Adjantao - the mountains of Adjantao serve as the base of the mandirigmas
  • Ascano - the land of the barbaros
  • Punjabwe - the territory of the Punjabwes

Natural resources

The Earth Gem granted Sapiro rich farmlands. It can be said that they are the food basket of Encantadia until its fall from the hands of Hathoria. Danaya commented that the lands became barren after being left unattended for a long time due to the absence of a ruler. Sapiro hides a huge amount of gold reserved to King Armeo's successor, Rehav Ybrahim, that it may be used to restore Sapiro back to its original glory prior to the conquest of Hathoria.


Main article: Sapiryan


According to Alira Naswen, the Sapiryan ideology is to save lives and to keep the peace. They are renowned for their healing abilities and have a dislike of aggressors.


The Kingdom of Sapiro is a monarchy, ruled by a king. Princes of the royal blood, such as Raquim and Asval, serve as generals in the army.

Rama Ybrahim and his daughter from the late Hara Amihan of Lireo, Rehav Lira, are the last known surviving members of the Royal House of Sapiro. As an only child, Lira is the heiress presumptive to Sapiro, in the absence of a male heir.[4] But her status was revoked upon Bathalumang Cassiopea's declaration that Cassandra will be the heiress to the Sapiryan throne.

But upon the revelation of LilaSari being the daughter of a former king, she is also included in the Royal House.

List of Monarchs of Sapiro

  1. Rama Jamir of Sapiro (founding king)
    • Heiress presumptive: Rehav LilaSari of Sapiro (lost after being cursed by Bathalumang Haliya due to Jamir's cheating on her, and later adopted by Hara Cassiopea of Lireo)
  2. Rama Menno[5] of Sapiro
    • Heir apparent: Rehav Armeo of Sapiro
  3. Rama Armeo of Sapiro
    • Heir apparent: Rehav Ybrahim of Sapiro
  4. Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro
    • Heiress apparent: Diwani Cassandra of Sapiro, Diwani of Lireo[6]

Based on the family tree, there are two preceding kings (the founding king being Jamir of Sapiro) prior to Rama Armeo's reign, making him the third monarch of Sapiro. One of these kings was impliedly seen in Episode 176 when Avria attempted to hypnotize him.[7]


The Sapiryan army is known to be the best warriors in Encantadia due to their fierceness in battle. The primary weapon used in the Sapiryan army is the sword and the mace. Their headgear covers the upper half of their face while their armor sports the silver leaf design - representing their affinity with the earth. High officials of their army sport different armors with the color brown.

After many years, Sapiro dons a new combat armor with spears shaped like maces. The Royal Palace of Sapiro and Rama Ybrahim have a personal guard of soldiers with red and gold capes. The Sapiryan military is currently led by Mashna-de Mayca of Sapiro and her sister, Hafte Kaizan, former diwata prisoners of Carcero initially trained by LilaSari.

Sapiryans also have bands of archers in their army. Former Mashna of Sapiro, Rehav Asval, had a platoon of archers shooting flaming arrows in the attempt to conquer Sapiro from then Rehav Ybrahim.[8] Enuo, the Sapiryan father of Sang'gre Alena and Hara Danaya, is also an archer.

Sapiro is protected by the blessing of the Water Gem to serve as a line of defense in preventing any Etherian from entering their kingdom.[9]


The Sapiryans worship Emre just like the Diwatas of Lireo. A statue of Emre can be seen within the palace where anyone can pray.


  • All the remaining members of the Royal House of Sapiro have been resurrected:
    • Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro was resurrected through the blood of Cassiopea
    • His daughter, Rehav Lira, was resurrected through her own will and Danaya's efforts. Later through Bathalang Arde.
  • It is unknown if Rama Jamir, father of LilaSari, had a relation to the royal family of Rama Armeo of Sapiro.

Version differences

  • In the 2005-2006 version, the founding king of Sapiro was Rama Nahq of Sapiro who had three children: Rehav Meno of Sapiro, Rehav Armeo (the Elder) of Sapiro (father of Rehav Raquim of Sapiro), and Rehav Asval of Sapiro. After the death of Rama Nahq, Rama Meno became the new king of Sapiro - whose only son is Rama Armeo (the Younger) with his mother, Hara Nadezhda of Sapiro. Later Rama Armeo married Hara Minastasia of Sapiro (or Mayne) and bore a son named Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro.
  • In the original version, Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro married Sang'gre Alena of Lireo to become his queen consort, as Hara Alena of Sapiro.
  • In the third book of the original series, Rama Ybrahim and Hara Alena had bore a daughter named Rehav (later Hara) Armea of Sapiro, Diwani of Lireo. Ybrahim's other son named Rehav Arman of Sapiro, Lost Prince of Hera Aega, whose mother was Hera Odessa of Aega, also belonged to the Royal House of Sapiro.
  • In the original series, the known Mashnas of Sapiro are following:
    • Mashna Arkrey - Rehav Asval's most loyal soldier and secretly the half-brother of Hara Avria of Etheria and one of the guardians of the Golden Hourglass.
    • Mashna Wahid - the only known Barbaro to become the head soldier of the Sapiryan Army under the rule of Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro.


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