Goddess Sandawa is a goddess from Ed-hen and the guardian of the Book of Balasik. She is worshipped by the Mulawins and also respected by humans and other creatures as well.

Sandawa is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.


She wears golden crown. She has curly hair and she has glowing white circle to the center of her eyes. She wears a nature gown, a gown that colors golden green symbolizing as the only Goddess of Nature.


Sandawa is well respected by the Mulawins, humans and other tribes. She is strict when she forbids her daughter Magindara to fall in love with any man in order to preserve her immortality and she doesn't want her daughter to be like her late sons.


The goddess Sandawa is the wife of the great god Mandarangan whom she had three children: Lord Dakila of Avila, Lumad, and goddess Magindara of Lake Velayo.

Due to the deaths of her sons, Dakila and Lumad, since their immortality were stripped upon falling in love with mortals, Sandawa instructed Magindara not to fall in love lest she loses her own immortality.

In Avila, Sandawa visited the Mulawins in order to tell them the Balasik's new prophecy about a new sugo who will unite the Mulawins and the Ravenas. She gave her blessing to Daragit as its new leader and responding to his wish to seal Avila.

After many years, Sandawa became uneasy with Daragit. She decided to help the deposed king Gabriel of Halconia to liberate Avila.

Due to Daragit successfully claiming some of Balasik's power, he was able to defeat the goddess Sandawa.



Sandawa can transmogrify herself into a big bird and mermaid. She keeps the Book of Balasik from her husband great god Mandarangan before they got married. The Balasik is a book which has clairvoyance abilities and where Sandawa's power came from.

Other Skills



Supreme god Mandarangan is Sandawa's husband and their children are the following:

  • Lumad, guardian of the domain of land
  • Magindara, guardian of the domain of water and guardian of Lake Venado
  • Dakila, guardian of the domain of air and the founder of Avila


  • Sandawa haven't appeared yet in 2004 Mulawin series and Mulawin the Movie.

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