The Royal House of Sapiro is one of the three royal houses of Encantadia. The founder and first King of Sapiro is Jamir. It is unknown if current members of the royal house are also descended from him.[1][2]

Rama refers to the King[3][4] of Sapiro.

Rehav refers to a prince[5] or princess of Sapiro,[6] the Sapiryan equivalent of the Sang'gres of Lireo.

Healing ability

Sapiryans of royal blood have the ability to heal wounds. Currently, all known instances of Sapiryan healing have been performed by the Sapiryans on themselves, with their hands above the wounds.

Known instances:

It is possible that only male Sapiryan royals have healing abilities. Of those with mixed ancestry, Kahlil was able to heal himself, while Amihan and Lira are shown to need the aid of the Earth Gem.

Family tree

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Sapiro banner
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Sapiro emblem
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  • A possible ancestor of the family appeared in a flashback in Episode 176, wearing the armor of Armeo. He may actually be either a king or a prince.[7]
  • With the confirmation of LilaSari being a Rehav of Sapiro through Rama Jamir of Sapiro, LilaSari and Deshna are considered as distant members of the Royal House of Sapiro.
  • Rehav Asval has commited has committed the most number of crimes against the Royal House:
    • Asval had pointed out Rehav Raquim as a culprit after the latter killed Rama Arvak of Hathoria.
    • Asval killed Ybrahim using his arrow. But Ybrahim was revived by Cassiopea.
    • Asval killed Lira by multiple gunshots. However, Lira was resurrected by Arde.
    • In the second book of the original series, Asval had fatally stabbed Meno after he was given the teleportation ability by Avria and he had attempted to murder Meno's wife Nadezhda and his son Armeo. However, Meno and Raquim fought him back in return before he teleported away. Meno had officially branded Asval as a traitor. This is due to the Sang'gres' changes in the timeline.

Version differences

In the original series:

  • The ability to heal can be performed on others, not just on oneself. In the 2016 version, the healing ability had been described by Ybrahim as "accelerated healing," and its use was rarely shown on-screen.


  1. In the 2016 version, the ancestral line of the Sapiryan royal family is incomplete.
  2. There may be at least two generations of kings before Armeo; Since Armeo's first cousin Raquim is a prince, it follows that their common grandparent must be a monarch also.
  3. Episode 1. First mentioned by Raquim in addressing to King Armeo on the battlefield.
  4. Episode 148
  5. Episode 96
  6. Episode 92, Enchan of the Day.
  7. He may also be a younger Armeo, but this is very unlikely, as he does not look very young.

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