Rashana (formerly Queen Rashana of Halconia) is the sister of the late King Rasmus of Halconia. She is the estranged wife of the deposed King Gabriel of Halconia. She is deposed by King Rafael of Halconia.

Rashana is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.




Upon the call of the Hunyangos, Rashana rallied her fellow Ravenas to restore Halconia. She mocked Siklab for thinking he will be the next King of Halconia due to being a bastard of the former Queen Vultra of Halconia.

Rashana accepted the authority of Gabriel upon his return to Halconia. She immediately seduced him in order to bear his child, Uwak-ak. However, without her knowledge, Gabriel brought his daughter from Alwina, Tagaktak, with him and make Rashana believe she had twins.

After many years, Rashana found Alwina with her children. She immediately fought and killed her.

Rashana found out that her "daughter" is not her own. In a fit of rage, she betrayed Gabriel and attempted to kill Tak for being a Mulawin - she accidentally killed her own son, Wak, due to his attempt to protect his half-sister. Rashana fell into emotional turmoil for the death of her son. She immediately accepted Daragit when he promised to resurrect her son by claiming the powers of the Balasik, protected by the goddess Sandawa.

Upon the arrival of Rafael, Rashana tested if he is indeed the son of brother, Rasmus. Upon verification, she immediately acknowledged him as the new King of Halconia.



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