Rafael Montenegro (formerly King Rafael of Halconia) is the best friend-turned-enemy of Almiro. He was later acknowledged as King of the Ravenas in Halconia. He is the son of the late King Rasmus of Halconia with Savanna Montenegro.

Rafael is one of the main characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.


Rafael first appeared in Mulawin vs. Ravena as a young boy who was a person with disability. He also met Almiro who was a hunchback. He was first mentioned by his mother, Savanna that he is the son of Gabriel but when Rafael became a Ravena, he was revealed as the son of Rasmus and the nephew of Rashana.


Rafael tough, ambitious and hot-headed individual. His trait is coming from his biological father Rasmus. But he is seemingly nice to his best friend Almiro. With his revelation as a Ravena, he consumes his hatred even more and he eventually turns on Almiro, who would become his nemesis.

When he is being saved by Anya from the falling debris, he slowly begins to have an interest on her.




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  • Kiko Estrada, who portrays Rafael, is the son of Gary Estrada, who portrayed King Rasmus of Halconia in 2004 Mulawin series.

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