The Tree of Life (in Tagalog: Puno ng Buhay) is a special tree in Old Etheria, guarded by Evades.[1] The tree was planted by Bathalumang Haliya.[2]

The Tree of Life is distinct for its reddish-orange leaves. Its fruits could restore one's life and form, but with the caveat that it will either have a blessing of good fortune or a curse of misfortune. The physical appearance of the fruits vary greatly from each other.[3]

Before a person could pick a fruit from the tree, he must obtain the permission of Evades. If someone does so without permission, Evades will take the fruit away.[4]

This tree came from the Mother Tree (Inang Puno) at the Garden of Life (Hardin ng Buhay) found in Devas. The Mother Tree can grant a new life to ivtres, but they will lose their memories and powers which they had before.[5] This process is called Sarkosi (Reincarnation).


  • Many fans compared Puno ng Buhay to Puno ng Mulawin of Mulawin vs. Ravena.


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