Avalon (or sometimes Pugad Lawin or Pugad Hari)[1] is the home of the Mulawins in Encantadia, located on mountains between Sapiro and Hathoria.

After the genocide of Mulawins,[2] Avalon is now largely deserted, as there are now only two Mulawins in Encantadia: Pagaspas and Lakan.

There are Mulawins resided outside of Encantadia, which is located in Avila in the human world, as mentioned by Enuo.[3]

National emblem

Mulawin bannerMulawin emblem

The emblem of the Mulawins is the wings. It can be found in the belt of Lakan.


Some time after the establishment of Avila in the human world, some Mulawins settled in Encantadia and founded Avalon between Sapiro and Hathoria. As their tribe increased in numbers, they allied themselves with the Diwatas of Lireo promising to be in their aid in times of need.

After the first Fall of Lireo, Rama Hagorn of Hathoria wanted to consolidate his control over all existing tribes and territories in the realm. He went to Avalon and demanded the Mulawins to recognize the sovereignty of the Royal House of Hathoria; the Mulawins declined invoking their alliances with the Diwatas. Because of this, Hagorn led his forces to Avalon and brutally slaughtered all the Mulawins in Avalon - leaving Pagaspas as the sole survivor.

Upon the return of Sang'gre Lira, Sang'gre Danaya, and Lakan to Avalon, they noticed the kingdom destroyed where Pagaspas stated the ordeal. Out of vengeance, Lakan went to Lireo and killed some Hathors guarding the kingdom.

After many years, Avalon is still left desolate with no Mulawins attempting to repopulate the kingdom due to the lack of knowledge from the younger generation.[4]


  • Although the Avila name can be seen in the map of Encantadia, the name of Avalon is mostly mentioned in few episodes.


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