Palong is one of the members of Tres Aves, the mercenary trio of renegade Mulawins.

Palong is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.




Palong is one of the members of Tres Aves. He had challenged Alwina into an archery, where Lourdes was also being tied up, with a fruit on her head. When Aguiluz helped Alwina in shooting the fruit in order to pass the test, Palong disappoints it as he told them that Alwina had failed the test. However, when the Hathors attacked Aguiluz' group, Palong was reluctantly helping them out against the Hathors.

Palong and his group had joined forces with Aguiluz, alongside Ybarro and the Lirean soldiers, against the Ravenas. The Tres Aves successfully defeated the resurrected Buwarka.

Upon the arrival of Almiro and his group, alongside Pirena and Lira, Banoy introduced his members to them, including Palong himself.



Other Skills

Palong is widely known for his intellect and wit.



  • Boy 2 Quizon originally portrayed Palong in Mulawin the Movie.

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