The Nymfa or nymph is an Adamyan tribe with pointed ears[1] and red stripes on the side of their faces and bodies.[2]

The nymfas found the infant Deshna. Helgad subsequently decided to raise Deshna as one of their own. They were found by the Hathors who were searching for Deshna, so they relocated to the north, in Mount Ajak.[3]

Infants undergo a coming of age ceremony of "abello",[4] which is equivalent to baptism. The purpose of abello is to recognize the child as one of their own.[5] The priestess puts oil on the forehead and feet of the infant. The parent can choose to give the child a different name during this ceremony.

Some of the Nymphs were attacked by the group led by Hera Andora where they will be converted to become the new soldiers of Etheria[6] while the leader Helgad was killed by LilaSari. Only Luna, Gilas, and Quina were the ones left. They were later freed as part of an agreement between Lireo and New Etheria.

Notable figures


  • The concept of Nymfas is based on the elves and it is inspired by Na'vi from 2009 sci-fi film Avatar.


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