The Moon (in Tagalog: Buwan) refers to a satellite of Encantadia. Encantadia has two moons, which suggests that it is either in an alternate dimension, or located light years away from Earth.

Haliya currently resides in one of the two moons. If she has not yet returned, they remain in the sky to wait for her.[1]


According to Amarro, there was once only one moon in Encantadia, but after Bathalumang Haliya became broken-hearted, she no longer wished to live in it, and created the second moon, where she now resides. For this purpose she used her weapon, the De-jar, before she threw it away.[2]


Lunar alignment

Lunar alignment was the prearranged signal between Hagorn and Pirena for the attack against Lireo.[3] This is indicates that it is a regular occurrence, and the Encantados have knowledge of the pattern.

Red Moon

The Red Moon is said to be an ill omen in Encantadia.[4][5]

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon, according to legend, increases the power of nature. The Nuno of the Lambanas believed that it might help in the completion of Muyak's banyuhay.[6]


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