This is a list of terms in Encantadia that were mentioned in passing.


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  • Varyana, Ishver, Yasmiha[1] are towns around Lireo.
  • Dueng Bulad[2] is a place on the path to Devas.
  • Mount Ajak[3] is a mountain to the far north of Encantadia. The nymfas relocated to this place, as advised by Cassiopea.
  • Mount Yaesa[3] is a place mentioned by Amihan, supposedly where Deshna was in. It may have been the home of the Picaros. Large flying pashneas live in this place.
  • Binyaan,[4] also called the Dead Island (Patay na Isla), is a small island, said to be separate from Encantadia itself. Keros dwelled here alone, for a long time, to avoid killing others.


  • Picaro[3]. Amihan claimed that Deshna is being raised by a Picaro couple.


  • Gargo,[5] large flying creatures that live around Mount Ajak.
  • Argona,[6] a large dragon-like creature.


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