A Mashna (feminine form: Mashna-de[1]) refers to a general in the armies of Lireo, Sapiro and Hathoria.

Lireo has only one Mashna at a time. At the start of the series, this position was held by Aquil. Upon the dismissal of Aquil due to his disregard of the order of Hara Amihan, Muros became the new Mashna of Lireo. He continues to serve under Hara Danaya.

Asval was a Mashna of Sapiro before its fall. Alira Naswen referred to herself as a Mashna of Sapiro when she introduced herself to Prince Ybrahim. Upon the restoration of Sapiro, Mayca becomes the new Mashna-de of Sapiro.

Agane is the Mashna-de of Hathoria. There are other Mashnas in Hathoria, since Hagorn asked Agane to summon them during the war against Lireo. Rexar is one of these Mashnas.

At the conclusion of Encantadia, the following are the current Mashnas under Hara Alena of Lireo:

  1. Mashna Muros of Lireo, chief of the united armies of Encantadia
  2. Mashna Amarro of Lireo, restored by Hara Duri-e Danaya of Lireo
  3. Mashna Aquil of Lireo, restored by Hara Duri-e Danaya of Lireo
  4. Mashna-de Mayca of Sapiro, appointed by Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro
  5. Unnamed Mashna of Hathoria, appointed by Hara Pirena of Hathoria


  • Hara Danaya once offered Aquil the restoration of his position as Mashna of Lireo together with Muros. This implies Lireo may have more than one Mashna depending on the Queen's decision.


  1. Episode 71 established the feminine form of Mashna as Mashna-de, but in later episodes even female generals are called Mashna, such as Mayca in Episode 155.

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