Mandirigma (Filipino for "warrior") refers to a member of a group of robbers living in the mountains of Adjantao, in the territory of the Kingdom of Sapiro.


The mandirigmas are a group of robbers led by Apitong.

While looking for an opportunity to rob the palace of Sapiro, Apitong and two of his men find the Sapiryan queen attacked by Hathors. They did not interfere during the attack, since the Hathors vastly outnumbered them. The infant prince Ybrahim survives the attack, so Apitong takes him home to be raised as his own son.

After the adoption of Ybrahim (whom they called Ybarro), they had so far been shown only targeting Hathors. A mandirigma who had been caught stealing in Hathoria was fed to Hagorn's pet.

When Queen Amihan of Lireo visited their camp, Apitong commands his followers to show deference to the queen.

After many years, some of the Mandirigmas were hypnotized by Hara Avria of Etheria in order to become Etherians and be part of its military force. They were dispatched in Lireo together with the Bandidos, by the Bathalumang Ether to help Avria in claiming all the gems under Lireo's care[1]

Known members


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