Malik is a Tabon (half-Mulawin, half-human), who hails from Avila.

Malik is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.


Malik has few feathers on his head, being a Tabon himself.


Malik is a friendly Tabon who is being close to his childhood friends Anya and Pagaspas. Malik is longing to reunite with his human mother, hoping that one day they will be reunited.

Upon the arrival of Pirena and Lira in the human world, Malik has few knowledge about Encantadia by greeting them "Avisala".


Malik is the son of a male Mulawin and a female human. He longs to reunite with his mother, despite Daragit's objection. He becomes friends with Anya and Pagaspas.

When Pirena and Lira arrived in the forests near Avila possibly right after defeating Tuka's Ravena pack, Malik arrives, via the Flute of Mulawin that Lira played, to meet and greet them. Lira also greets him back by saying "Avisala" to him, much to Pirena's annoyance. He also acknowledges the Flute of Mulawin that Lira held.[1]

Malik has participated in the battle against Minokawa, alongside Almiro, Gabriel and their group, but they didn't managed to defeat it.

Upon the arrival of Almiro and his group in Hathoria via Sky Portal, they battled the masked Hathor soldiers, until Pirena intervenes to save them. One of the masked Hathors slashed Malik's back before Pirena attacks the masked Hathor. Pirena teleports them to Lireo, and Malik is in progress of healing when Lira uses an herbal medicine to cure him.



As a Tabon, Malik can fly, just like the rest of the Mulawins.

Other Skills

Malik is skilled in sword combat and hand-to-hand combat.


Malik wields the weapons of the Mulawins such as swords, daggers, etc.


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