Goddess Magindara is the daughter of goddess Sandawa and supreme god Mandarangan. She is the guardian of the domain of water and the protector of Lake Venado. She's the love interest of Prince Siklab of Halconia.

Magindara is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.




Magindara is the youngest offspring of the supreme god, Mandarangan, and the goddess Sandawa. Due to the deaths of her elder brothers by falling in love, Magindara promised to Sandawa to never fall in love at any mortal.

At first, Magindara fell in love with Dionisio, a mortal from the Lumad tribe. However, Sandawa's instruction forced her to ignore Dionisio where he eventually died looking for her. Magindara decided to kill any man who falls in love with her - everything changed when she met Siklab, son of Vultra and Daragit.

Due to their love being a hindrance to his plans, Daragit commanded a Hunyango to break their relationship. Magindara believed "Siklab" breaking up with her causing her not to show up in their plan to elope. Magindara became bitter to her mother who seems to break her own oath after gradually falling in love with Panabon, a tabon.

Soon, Magindara was discovered to be pregnant, leading Sandawa to say Magindara already lost her immortality for good. In Avila, Magindara released Siklab from his incarceration.

Magindara and Siklab have gained their child, which is actually a monster prophesied by the Book of Balasik. After Gabriel and Panabon manage to steal the Balasik from Daragit, the two went to Lake Venado to meet Siklab and Magindara. Gabriel warns them that their child will wreck havoc all the races, according to Balasik.



She can turn into a mermaid. Due to being a caretaker of the water sphere, she is skilled in hydrokinesis.

Other Skills


She uses a sword with green pattern in its handle


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