This is a list of all notable objects with special properties in Encantadia.

Items with powers

Elemental Gems

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See also: Mother Gem, Fire Gem, Air Gem, Water Gem, Earth Gem, Soul Gem

MotherGem FireGem AirGem WaterGem EarthGem Fifth Gem
Mother Gem Fire Gem Air Gem Water Gem Earth Gem Soul Gem

The Mother Gem was granted to Cassiopea by Emre. It was cleaved into four by Cassiopea following Adhara's attack on her island, and distributed among the four kingdoms of Encantadia for safekeeping.

Gurna's powder

Gurna receives a special powder from Hathoria, which she uses when executing Hagorn's orders in Lireo. It puts people to sleep and makes them forget the moments before the drowse.

Key of Asnamon

(in Tagalog: Susi ng Asnamon) In active form, it has the shape of a medallion featuring a Devas Circle, which can open or close the portal to the human world through the use of an incantation. When inactive, it could transform into a bracelet. While the portal in Encantadia is always at the Tree of Asnamon, the exit point in the human world seems to vary.

Minea's Letter

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Main article: Kalasag

The royal armor of Ybrahim.

Gold Dust

Muyak's gold dust have been shown to be able to transform into other objects. She used it as a rope, to trip policemen pursuing Amanda. She also used it to repel a dog.


(in English: Cauldron)

Makapangyarihang Kawa
The kawa[1] of Cassiopea is a magical cauldron that helps her utilize her power of clairvoyance. It contains water from the Stream of Truth, which Cassiopea uses to look into the present and the future. According to Cassiopea, the water does not lie.

Whenever one of the Sang'gres are destined to die, a dark spirit will come out from the cauldron to tell Cassiopea about the occurrence and spite her[2]. This happened twice: (1) when the spirit foretold the apparent death of Queen Amihan and (2) when the spirit did not identify who among the remaining Sang'gres will sacrifice their life again.

Flute of Mulawin

Mulawin flute concept

The Mulawin flute was crafted using a branch taken from their sacred mother tree. It has the power to summon a Mulawin champion or emissary almost instantly. Two flutes have been revealed:

  • Green and gold flute - given by the Mulawin to the first Queen of Lireo
  • Blue and gold flute - owned by Enuo. According to Enuo, Mulawins could not resist the summon, even if they didn't want to come.[3] It is later held by Lira.

In Mulawin vs. Ravena, Lira is seen holding a Flute of Mulawin (blue and gold) and she plays it to supposedly summon the Mulawin. However, when she plays it in a wrong tune, it summoned the Ravenas, in which Lira mistakenly thought of them as "Mulawins", until she plays the right tune to summon Malik.[4]

Hitano's Amulet

(in Tagalog: Anting-anting)

Hitano's amulet has the ability to shield its wearer from locator abilities. It was given by Hitano to Alena to keep Danaya's Earth Gem from finding her.

Enuo's vial

(in Tagalog: Bote)

Enuo's vial contained a blue healing potion. It was powerful enough to heal what human medicine cannot. According to Rael, it was Enuo's last vial, so Enuo may have had many of it in the past.

Black rice

(in Tagalog: Kaning itim)

The black rice[5] is a special type of food which the bandidos feed their victims, the taong ligaw. It has anti-aging effect, which would allow the bandidos to keep the human as a permanent slave.

Carcero bracelet

(in Tagalog: Pulseras)

The bracelet[6] of Carcero allows the wardens to feed the bakunawa without fear of being eaten by them.

Gintong Binhi

(in English: Golden Seed)

The Gintong Binhi, or the Golden Grain that Revives, was provided by Emre for the purpose of reviving a savior of Encantadia who had not been able to fulfill his mission. But Ether stole it and put it in the Labyrinth of Balbal, where it was guarded by Balbal, Ether's creature.

Ether's bracelet

(in Tagalog: Pulseras)

Ether's bracelet has the design of a jade coiling snake. According to Ether, it would protect Kahlil from Cassiopea.[7]

Pirena's necklace

(in Tagalog: Kwintas)

The necklace of Pirena, which she gave to Lira in the guise of Amihan. It makes Lira invisible and inaudible to Danaya and Amihan, but she could still be seen and heard by Pirena.[8] It was later cut by Pirena.

Arde's mask

A partial mask granted by Arde to Adhara, to shield others from LilaSari's power to petrify.[9] It is combined with Carcero gladiator mask for combat.

Sky ship toy

A miniature sky ship, with wings. It is painted white and has Air Gem symbols drawn on it. The Air Gem symbols and the wings are painted gold.[10]

Emre's vial

A mysterious vial which Emre gives to Lira during her temporary stay in Devas.[11] It contains liquid which can grant a wish when drunk. Lira thought the drink tasted like apple juice or chocolate. A purple aura enveloped Lira as she faints; Amihan, Ybrahim, Wahid, Wantuk, Hagorn, Agane and the other Hathors are shown to have fainted as well.[12] It successfully lifted Ether's memory manipulation curse from Lira.[13]

Pedestal from Devas

This pedestal[14] is made of stone and came from Devas. Since it also hosted the Mother Gem, it has a memory of its power. Cassiopea used the energy of Imaw's Balintataw to use it in looking for suitable gem masters.


Mayari[15] is a powerful poison created by the spell of Avria. It kills the drinker a few seconds after ingestion.[16]

Fruit of Kawati

The fruit of Kawati[17] is a fruit that enabled Gilas and Luna to approach a wild pashnea. Gilas proposed to use it to secretly accompany Luna to Cassiopea's island. It can only be found in the place where nymfas reside, and grants the ability of temporary invisibility.[18]

Gunikar Flute

The Gunikar Flute[19] is an item that has the ability to put targets to sleep, once they hear it played.

Golden Hourglass

Golden Hourglass
The Golden Hourglass,[20] or Gintong Orasan/Ginintuang Orasan[21] is a powerful Etherian artifact that can be used to allow beings to travel through time. Avria uses it to summon Etherian soldiers from the past. Hagorn used it to kill Avria by sending her to two different timelines simultaneously, disintegrating her body. But the energy of the time portal pulled the Golden Hourglass, and deactivated the portal forever.

Items without powers

Kantao of King Armeo

The kantao[22] of King Armeo is the key to the lost treasure of Sapiro. It is an ornate black bracelet featuring the sarangay, symbol of Sapiro.[23]

The kantao was entrusted by King Armeo to Vish'ka sometime before Sapiro fell. It later came into Ybarro's possession after Vish'ka sent it through Wahid.

The kantao glowed when Ybrahim approached the treasure room of Sapiro. Ybrahim was able to open the room using the kantao.

Rock in the forest

A large rock in the middle of a forest, on which was carved the names "Ybarro" and "Alena." Ybarro etched their names there as a witness to their love. When they broke up, Alena used her voice to destroy it.

Hathor armband

Hathor armbands[24] are red armbands with the emblem of Hathoria. It was worn by diwata rebels loyal to Pirena on their right arms. They continued to wear it even after capturing the palace of Lireo.

Items with unknown properties


(in Tagalog: Silindro)

Enuo's gift to his daughter Alena, before he went to the human world.[25]

Mystic seedling

(in Tagalog: Mahiwagang punla)

Enuo's gift to his daughter Danaya, before he went to the human world.[26]


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