This is a list of minor characters in Encantadia (2016).



Hara Ursula of Lireo is the second Queen of Lireo. Not much is known about her personal reign and why she was designated as Cassiopea's successor.[1]


Hara Demetria of Lireo is the third Queen of Lireo, the successor of Ursula. Not much is known about her reign, or her relationship with her predecessors, Cassiopea and Ursula. She had a daughter, Esmeralda. At her death, she was succeeded by Esmeralda's daughter, Minea.


Sang'gre Esmeralda of Lireo[2] is the daughter of Demetria, Queen of Lireo. At some point she left the royal court, and had two daughters, Minea and Amihan. According to Imaw, she had been slain. Since she predeceased her mother, she never became Queen of Lireo, but her daughter Minea became queen.

Pirena's daughter

Debut: Episode 218
Bloodline: 1/2 Punjabwe, 1/4 Diwata, 1/4 Hathor

Pirena's second daughter is the daughter of her husband Azulan, and the younger sister of Mira. She was raised alongside her cousins, the daughter of Danaya, Adamus, and Cassandra.

Danaya's daughter

Debut: Episode 218
Bloodline: 3/4 Diwata, 1/4 Sapiryan

Danaya's first-born child is the daughter of her husband Aquil. She was raised alongside her cousins, the daughter of Pirena, Adamus, and Cassandra.


Felicia Debut: Episode 207
Felicia[3] was a diwata. She was the wife of Jamir, Founder-King of Sapiro, making her a Queen Consort of Sapiro. She was the biological mother of LilaSari. She was petrified to death by the curse on LilaSari, making her the first victim of Haliya's curse.


Abog Portrayed by: Daniel Dasalla Bato[4]
Debut: Episode 32; Chapter 22

Abog is a diwata soldier. Alira Naswen mentions him or Muros[5] as someone of a more suitable rank than herself in fetching Hitano. During the attack on Lireo, he was saved by Pako, which cost the latter's life at the hands of Hagorn. He was one of the loyalists who escaped the palace and joined Amihan. He later told Ybarro and Wantuk about Pako's death. After the fall of Hathoria and Danaya becomes the Hara of Lireo, Abog becomes Hafte of the Lirean army. Abog has his wife who is a dama and his child.


Adama Debut: Episode 39; Chapter 22
Adama[6] is a diwata soldier. He expressed his preference for Pirena over the queen because of her seeming kindness. When 'Amihan' humiliated Aquil in front of the soldiers, he said that there should really be some changes.

In the original series, Adama was Pirena's head soldier during her reign.


Thana Thana[7] is a diwata dama. She has high regard for royalty, but is condescending towards the lowborn. She is notable for:
  • Being hostile when Lira was invited to sit beside Mira (during the time when no one recognized Lira as a princess, because of Ether's curse)[8]
  • Readily ordering Ariana to sweep, even though she was one of the new keepers, because of her origin[9]

Hafte Lanzu

Lanzu Portrayed by: Maureen Larazabal
Debut: Episode 51; Chapter 24
Lanzu, sometimes known by her title, Hafte (Chief) is the chief warden of Carcero who is badly injured by Adhara before she and her fellow prisoners escaped from Carcero. Adhara spared her so that someone could tell the authorities in Lireo about their escape. She is treated by Icarus and Pirena interrogates her about the escape of the prisoners. After finishing her tale, Pirena deems her incompetent and kills her as punishment.


Orthana Portrayed by: Geraldine Villamil
Debut: Episode 51; Chapter 24

Orthana[10] is one of the wardens of Carcero. She is in charge of feeding the bakunawa. She allowed Adhara to feed the bakunawa, which would later prove to be a mistake. She also insisted that Mayca fight her own sister, which would prove to be another mistake. She was slain by LilaSari during the latter's combat with Adhara.


Vita Portrayed by: Ermie Concepcion

Debut: Episode 60; Chapter 30

Vita[11] is an old diwata who does not support Pirena, and audacious enough to criticize her to her face. She gives Pirena information about Adhara, but was uncertain if it is the same person as the prisoner that Pirena had heard about.


Vida Portrayed by: ?

Debut and Final appearance: Episode 68; Chapter 31

Vida[12] is a diwata prisoner from Carcero who escaped with Adhara. She wears the clothes of a diwata prison guard. Though warned not to look at LilaSari's face, she was unable to resist the impulse and was petrified, disintegrating into dust.


Mentioned: Episode 104; Chapter 34

Mayumi[13] is a diwata dama sympathetic either to Pirena or Gurna. She informed Gurna of the assassination attempt against Amihan.


Marikit Debut: Episode 112; Chapter 34

Marikit[14] is a diwata dama. Amihan handed a scroll that she was reading to Marikit so she could speak to Danaya. Marikit later informed Agane of the Sang'gre plot against Pirena.


Debut: Episode 126; Chapter 34
Liwayway[15] is a diwata dama. Lira ordered her to summon Mira for the trial of Aquil.


Rael diwata Debut: Episode 128; Chapter 34

Rael is a diwata soldier. He offered Aquil his cloak. He expressed admiration for Aquil, but wondered why he is still in Lireo after having been disgraced. Aquil told him that he has no home other than Lireo.

Not to be confused with a friend of Enuo of the same name.


Jasmin[16] is a diwata dama. She complimented Ariana for knowing her quickly learning about the layout of the palace of Lireo.


Dahlia Portrayed by: Patricia Fernandez
Debut: Episode 172

Dahlia[17] is the new Punong Dama of Lireo, the next known successor of Ades. She was in charge of the preparations for the feast for the peace with Etheria.



Jamir Portrayed by:Paolo Gumabao
Debut: Episode 207

Jamir[18] (pronunciation: Hamir) was the only Encantado that Bathalumang Haliya ever loved. He took advantage of her love for him in order to obtain much wealth, which he used in founding the Kingdom of Sapiro. His wife was a diwata named Felicia, and his daughter was LilaSari. He was the second known victim of the petrification curse of LilaSari. It is unknown if the dynasty of King Armeo is also descended from him.

Sapiryan ancestor

Sapiryan ancient Debut: Episode 176
This ancient, powerful Encantado is presumed to be a member of the Royal House of Sapiro, since he wears the royal armor worn by Rama Armeo in the Sapiro-Hathoria War. When Avria attempted to control him using her powers, she exceeded the limit imposed upon her by Ether, thus lessening her lifespan.


Menno[19] was the King of Sapiro, father of Armeo and the grandfather of Ybrahim.

In the original series, Menno (which was spelled as Meno) was one of the original keepers of the Hope Gem, alongside Bartimus, Cassiopea and Aegen, in order to defeat the Etherians. Meno is originally played by Gary Estrada in the second book.


Mayne Debut: Episode 1; Chapter 1
Died: Episode 2; Chapter 5
Final Appearance: Episode 3; Chapter 6

Hara Asnara of Sapiro[20] is Armeo's wife, the Hara (queen) of Sapiro, and the mother of Prince Ybrahim. Her name has never been mentioned in the TV series, but it is revealed in a mobile game Encantadia Blast. She was present when Cassiopea gave Armeo the Earth Gem. During the battle between Sapiro and Hathoria, she fled the palace with Ybrahim. When she was ambushed by Agane, she used a dagger to defend herself, but was mortally wounded. She lives long enough to request Apitong to take her son to her, from inside the palanquin. After seeing her son one last time, she died.

In the original series, Armeo's wife was Hara Mayne of Sapiro (originally played by Diane Sison).


Arex Debut and Final Appearance: Episode 19, Chapter 21
Arex[21] is a Sapiryan trusted by King Armeo. He has knowledge of the kantao, which is the key to the lost treasure of Sapiro. He had made an oath to the late king never to divulge the whereabouts of the kantao. He has a family and a newborn child, whom Asval threatens to kill if he did not reveal where the kantao is. He eventually reveals that it is in Ascano, but Alira Naswen arrives so he was not able to tell who actually keeps it. Asval slays him with an arrow to prevent others from learning what they were up to.



Bartimus is the first ruler of Hathoria, the father of Arvak, and Hagorn's grandfather. It is said that the generals of the Hathor army uphold the bloodline of Bartimus.[22]

In the original series, Bartimus was one of the original keepers of the Hope Gem, alongside Meno, Cassiopea and Aegen, in order to defeat the Etherians. Due to the Sang'gres' changes in timeline, Bartimus was stabbed to death by his own son Arvak. Bartimus is originally portrayed by Daniel Fernando in the first book and played Nonie Buencamino in the second book.


Rexad Portrayed by: Mike Lloren
Debut: Episode 78

Rexad[23] or Rexar[24][25] is one of the generals (Mashna) of Hathoria. He was summoned by Hagorn following the disappearance of Agane. He compliments Hagorn for catching Gurna's spying.


Debut: Episode 85
Drago[26] is one of the masked Hathors. Rexar mentioned his name as one of the guards assigned to guard the captive Alena.


Mentioned: Episode 160
Hagdir[27] is a Hathor soldier who went missing after an Etherian attack. His friends were looking for him the next day.



Ayang Debut and Final appearance: Episode 3; Chapter 6
Ayang[28] is the wife of Apitong, leader of the mandirigmas. She feared that Apitong would be punished if it became known that he had taken a prince of Sapiro. Apitong replies that no one would know if they all keep their mouths shut. When she died, Apitong did not remarry.


Lusog Debut: Episode 28; Chapter 22
Lusog[29] is an Encantado acquaintance of Apitong. He witnessed Adhara absorbing another Encantado's life force and reports it to Alena and her party.



Jigs Portrayed by: John Feir
Debut: Episode 4; Chapter 8
Final appearance: Episode 7; Chapter 10

Jigs is a human miner who befriended Raquim. After learning that Raquim has nowhere to stay, he offered to bring him to his home. He also helped Raquim get a job at the mines. Amihan calls him godfather.


Choleng Portrayed by: Joanna Marie Katanyag
Debut: Episode 4; Chapter 8
Final appearance: Episode 7; Chapter 10

Choleng is the wife of Jigs. When Jigs brought Raquim and Amihan to their house, she was reluctant in accepting them. She took care of infant Amihan while Raquim and Jigs worked in the mines. She kept suspecting that Raquim and Amihan were not humans, since Raquim had extraordinary luck in finding gold, while Amihan had an extraordinary affinity with birds.


Aldo Debut: Episode 5; Chapter 8
Aldo[30] is a miner. He gets jealous of Raquim's extraordinary luck in finding gold, and agrees to Emong's suggestion that they kidnap Amihan. He tried to entice Amihan to come with him through candy, but failed. He then tried to use force, but Amihan got away by biting him and vanishing. His memory about Amihan's powers were removed by Raquim using the Staff of Oblivion.

Not to be confused with an Enchan word (aldo) of uncle (tito).


Emong Debut: Episode 5; Chapter 8
Emong[31] is a miner. He gets jealous of Raquim's extraordinary luck in finding gold, and suggests to Aldo that they kidnap Amihan, who escaped by vanishing. He spread the news to the other miners that Amihan has powers. His memory about Amihan's powers were removed by Raquim using the Staff of Oblivion.


Flora Debut: Episode 19; Chapter 21
Flora[32] is an old fortune-teller. She could sense that Mila is different from them, so she repeatedly warns Amanda and Berto to be wary of her.


Connie Debut: Episode 21; Chapter 22
Connie[33] is the friend of Amanda. She helps Amanda find Mila when she was lost during Dado's wake.


Edgar Debut: Episode 26; Chapter 22
Edgar[34] is an acquaintance of Berto. When Berto borrowed his phone, Edgar agreed on the condition that he would get copies of the pictures Berto would take, which Edgar thought would be pictures of Mila.


Eva Debut: Episode 34; Chapter 22.
Eva[35] is an acquaintance of Berto who has knowledge about gold. She confirms that Berdano's gold was genuine, and offered a house that Berdano and Akesha could rent.


Silvia Portrayed by: Arny Ross
Debut: Episode 34; Chapter 22.

Silvia[36] is an employee in Anthony's company (presumably in Human Resources). She has an understanding with Dina, and says the only vacancy given Mila's educational attainment would be in Dina's department.


Rosing Portrayed by: Carmen Del Rosario

Debut: Episode 32; Chapter 22.

Manang Rosing[37] is the elderly and kind nanny of Anthony.

In the original series, Manang Rosing was a head maid who was cruel to Milagros and Mira. She had afraid of Mira's powers, thinking that Mira was a demon. She was originally portrayed by Vangie Labalan.


Banjo Portrayed by: Nar Cabico

Debut: Episode 36; Chapter 22.

Banjo[38] is an employee in Anthony's company. He was friendly to Mila he and teased her about "dating" Anthony.

In the original series, Banjo is a close childhood friend of Mila who secretly likes her. He was originally portrayed by Jay Aquitania.


TMP[39] is the chief boss in the company where Anthony and Dina work. Dina orders Mila to bring documents for him to sign, so that their budget could be released. When Mila left some of the documents, Dina did not tell her about it, opting to use the opportunity to humiliate her later. Mila never actually sees TMP, since he had already left the office before she could reach him.



Debut: Episode 38; Chapter 22.

Mang Tom is a janitor in Anthony's company. He becomes Mila's new boss after she was demoted to janitress. Tom thought she was kidding when she said she had powers.


Mario Debut: Episode 43; Chapter 22.
Mario[40] is one of the few humans captured by the Bandido to be used as slaves. He gives Paopao a knife to defend himself when the Hathors and the Bandidos invaded Lireo. After the Fall of Lireo, he counted on Hagorn's promise to set them free. Paopao tried to make him join Amihan, but he refused. It would prove to be a fatal mistake, since Hagorn had no intention of keeping his promise, and had the taong ligaws massacred, including Mario.


Carlos Debut: Episode 121; Chapter 34.
Carlos[41] is the father of Paopao. He was happy to see his son again after a long time.[42] Carlos did not believe Paopao's stories about Encantadia, thinking that it was just a result of his traumatic experience after being kidnapped. Carlos was gunned down in a robbery incident, along with his wife. Paopao came to live in the house of Carlos's sister.[43]

Paopao's mother

Paopao's mother Portrayed by: Cherrie Madrigal

Debut: Episode 121; Chapter 34.
The mother of Paopao[44] was happy to see her son again after a long time. She called for her husband Carlos while looking at Paopao. She was killed, along with her husband Carlos, by two robbers.


Anselmo Debut: Episode 122; Chapter 34.
Anselmo[45] is the brother of a man who is kind to Hitano and LilaSari in the human world. Anselmo told them to call in case they need help.


Tisoy Debut: Episode 124; Chapter 34.
Tisoy[46] is a human, one of those who encountered Hagorn on his search for his wife LilaSari and his daughter Deshna. Tisoy confronted Hagorn when the latter pushed his nephew. Aquil restrained Hagorn when the latter drew his sword, but Tisoy tried to attack Hagorn, so he was stabbed. It is unknown whether he died or not.

Paopao's aunt

Paopao's aunt Portrayed by: Tanya Gomez

Debut: Episode 161

Paopao's aunt[47] is the sister of Carlos, Paopao's father, who maltreats her nephew. She doesn't believe Paopao's stories about Encantadia. Upon the sudden appearance of the Soul Gem symbol, she tries to get rid of it. However, the symbol mildly burns her before Paopao leaves her house. She has two sons who are cousins of Paopao.


Thelma Debut: Episode 161
Thelma[48] is a carenderia owner who owes Paopao's Aunt money. She is sympathetic towards Paopao.


Junior[49] is the son of Thelma, who, like his mother, is sympathetic towards Paopao.


Ruben[50] was one of the two guys who made fun of Paopao. They engaged in fistfight near the Lagusan ng Pagkaligaw.


Atong[51] was one of the two guys who made fun of Paopao. They engaged in fistfight near the Lagusan ng Pagkaligaw.

His name might be a reference to Noel Layon Flores, the lead concept Artist of Encantadia, calling himself on his FB page as AtongWali.


Sophie[52] is Anthony's wife. She and Anthony have a son.



Linggit[53] is a lambana leader. Amihan tells her to order the other lambanas to help in the search for Mira.


Butil Debut: Episode 31; Chapter 22
Butil[54] was one of the lambanas who underwent banyuhay. Alena asked her where Muyak was, but she tells Alena that Muyak never came to the banyuhay.




Portrayed by Jolas Paguia

Debut: Episode 30; Chapter 22

Gilas[55] is a barbaro. He is a subordinate of Vish'ka. He initially stopped Adhara from seeing Vish'ka, but eventually recognized Adhara when she showed her face. Following Vish'ka's orders, he later delivered Adhara to Hitano, so that Adhara could be imprisoned in Carcero.

Not to be confused with a Nymfa of the same name.



Debut: Episode 117; Chapter 34

Bausug[56] is one of the barbaros who assisted Ybrahim during Pirena's occupation of Sapiro. He suggested bombing the western side of the Great Fort, where Pirena was encamped, but this was rejected by Ybrahim because the throne and the treasures of Sapiro were located there. He later advised Ybrahim that they could not contend against the Water Gem, but Amihan and Alena later arrived to help them. During the melee, Pirena captured him and held him hostage.




Debut: Episode 126; Chapter 34

Balda[57] is a nymfa. She was one of the three nymfas who first found Deshna, after a dragon took her away on Agane's orders.



Debut: Episode 126; Chapter 34

Kugol[58] is a nymfa. He was one of the three nymfas who first found Deshna, after a dragon took her away on Agane's orders.


Mentioned: Episode 128; Chapter 34

Gancho[59] is a nymfa. He was called by Helgad, to prepare the other nymfas for relocation.


Mentioned: Episode 128; Chapter 34

Guyo[60] is a nymfa. He/she was called by Helgad, to prepare the other nymfas for relocation.



Debut: Episode 150

Sera[61] is the mother (or Nanang) of Gilas.[62] She cries out when one of her livestock was taken by an argona. She asked Helgad to summon Luna to recover it. Sera was one of the nymfas abducted by the new Etherians and later hypnotized by Avria. Sera battles Alena but she is knocked down before Avria intervenes to fight Alena and her group. She is freed from Avria's control some other time. However, she mourns for her son's death after Gilas has slain by the Etherians.



Portrayed by Princess de Luna[63]

Debut: Episode 150
Quina is the young daughter of Helgad. Quina witnessed the murder of her mother Helgad by LilaSari, in which made Luna swearing revenge against LilaSari.




Debut: Episode 43; Chapter 22

Vardos[64][65] is the leader of the bandidos. Hagorn spoke with him to recruit the bandidos for the Hathor attack on Lireo. Vardos laughed at the proposal, saying that the Hathors have never won against the diwatas. Hagorn ultimately convinces him to join after he showed the Fire Gem in his possession. Vardos was later the first to swear his allegiance to Hagorn after the Fall of Lireo. Hagorn guaranteed that the rights of the bandidos would be protected.


Portrayed by Orlando Sol[66]

Debut: Episode 170

Pangil[67] is a bandido who had been converted to an Etherian by Avria before he is freed from her control. He becomes the leader of the Bandidos after Vardos.


Mantal Isman

Mantal Isman

Debut: Episode 162

Mantal Isman[68] is a babaylan of the Punjabwe. She presides over the ceremony wherein Rehav Manik's bride is to be selected. When Ariana was revived, she advised her to become a babaylan like her. When the Air Gem symbol imprinted itself on Ariana's arm, she recognized it and advised Ariana to go to Lireo.




Debut: Episode 209

Galatea is an ivtre from Devas. Keros took her with him to Emre and Cassiopea, so she can cure Ether's poison by giving them fruits from the Tree of Life. She also informs Kahlil about what Keros had done, prompting Kahlil to apologize to Keros and to believe that there is still hope.

In the original series, Galatea is the chief adviser of Emre in Devas. She was then portrayed by Cheska Inigo.



Debut: Episode 8, Chapter 11

Awoo is a large, brownish-orange mammal-like quadruped, with facial features resembling a dog. He is covered with shaggy fur, has large eyes, a long beard and huge ears. His forelegs are considerably longer than his hind legs. He came from Adamya. He holds the distinction of being the only named pet in the series.


Burak Debut: Episode 22; Chapter 22
Burak[69] is a taong-puno (tree-man), with the ability to become invisible. He had been spying on Ybarro on Hitano's orders. He assists Hitano's plot to murder Ybarro by fighting against Pako and Wantuk. He strangles them with vines, but they were released when Wantuk threw a spear at him.


Maya[70] is the sister of Lakan. Lakan looks for her after arriving in Avalon, but Pagaspas believes he was the only one who survived the Hathor attack.



Debut: Episode 58; Chapter 29

Balbal is the guardian of the Labyrinth of Balbal. A fearsome creature, he is tasked by the goddess Ether to keep the Gintong Binhi, a grain that could revive the dead.

Pirena had defeated a creature similar to Balbal by melting its hand.

Another creature similar to Balbal appeared when Lira and Mira defeated it, as part of a challenge to become full-fledged Sang'gres.


Mancao Debut: Episode 131; Chapter 34
Mancao[71] is a golem-like creature, a guardian of souls in Balaak. Arde had Hagorn fight Mancao as part of a test to determine if Hagorn is worthy of what he asks of him. He is physically stronger than Hagorn, but Hagorn destroyed him using the power of two gems.

The fact that Mancao died may either mean that the power of two gems could kill an ivtre, or Mancao was not an ivtre like the others.

After many years, Lira and Mira initially thought they will battle Mancao for their final test. They were able to defeat him through their joint efforts until it was revealed that it was Cassiopea all along. [72]


Kubur Debut: Episode 180
Kubur[73] is a muscular, horned creature.

It is uncertain if giant stature is inherent in Kuburs, or if the Kubur created by Avria was a special case.


Buwaya Debut: Episode 193
Buwaya[74] is a crocodile-like Pashnea who always spies on Bathalumang Haliya. He appears to have knowledge about Bathalumang Haliya, as he helps Cassiopeia to catch the moon goddess.

He loves to eat meat, as seen when Cassiopeia gave him what appears to be a furry skin, before he slipped details about Haliya.

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