This is a chronological list of deaths of characters that occurred within the Telefantasya Encantadia by GMA Network.

Overall, 61 deaths have occurred on the course of 218 episodes, with 10 of them being revived.

No. Victim Episode Cause of
Killer Reason
1 Amihan 1: Pilot Stabbed by sword Minea Accidental, Adhara had disguised herself as Amihan
2 Adhara


Asphyxiation by Air Gem Retribution, for making her kill her sister, Amihan
3 Arvak 2: Propesiya Shot with an arrow Asval War casualty
4 Armeo Blood loss due to stab wound Arvak War casualty, refused to surrender the Earth Gem
5 Armeo's wife Stabbed by sword Agane On Arvak's orders
6 Raquim 7: Pagtutuos Hagorn Retribution, for the death of Arvak
7 Gamil 14: Ang Itinakda Pirena Secrecy, to prevent anyone from knowing that she had a daughter
8 Minea 16: Avisala Lira at Mira Shot with a poisoned arrow Asval Strategy, to breakup the Sang'gres
9 Arex 19: Misyon Shot with an arrow Secrecy, to prevent Alira Naswen from learning what he is up to
10 Dado 20: Kutob Fell from a bridge None Accidental, while saving Milagros
11 Burak 24: Pagtutuos Hit by a spear Wantuk Self-defense, to get released from being choked
12 Ybarro


Shot with a poisoned arrow, kicked off a cliff Asval; Hitano Asval: to eliminate a possible rival to power
Hitano: to eliminate a rival suitor to Alena's heart
13 Pako 44: Himagsikan Stabbed by sword Hagorn War casualty
14 Amanda 47: Pagbabanta Shot by gun Riding in tandem (Berto's Friends) Accidental, their actual target was Milagros
15 Ades 49: Paglipad Stabbed by sword Hagorn Provocation
16 Orthana 53: Bagsik ni Lakan LilaSari Enemy
17 Lanzu Pirena Punishment, for being remiss in her duties
18 Mario Hagorn Cruelty, breaking his word to those who had helped him
19 Lira


57: Pagtatagpo Warfare
20 Vish'ka 60: Katanungan Warfare, refused to submit
21 Adhara 78: Kapalit Amihan In defense of LilaSari
22 Icarus 82: Lakas Asval On Hagorn's orders
23 Alira Naswen 88: Sagupaan a Hathor In defense of Aquil
24 Kahlil 89: Peligro Danaya In defense of Lira
25 Asval


112: Paglalakbay Pirena Retribution, for the death of Mine-a
26 Rexar 117: Salubong Hagorn Punishment, for reminding him of his defeat
27 Hitano


124: Pagkanulo Punishment, for taking LilaSari and Deshna away
28 Hagorn


131: Tulong Poisoned by venom Ether To ask for assistance from Arde
29 Gurna 135: Pagkakaisa Stabbed by sword Pirena Retribution, for keeping Minea's Letter
30 Amihan 139: Para sa Encantadia Power of the Soul Gem Hagorn For refusal to give in to his demands (Planned by Amihan)
31 Axilom 142: Pag-asa Stabbed by sword a Hadezar War casualty
32 Dagtum Kicked off a cliff
33 Agane 144: Para kay Mira Stabbed by sword Danaya Vengeance, for everything Agane had done
34 Pirena


Effect of curse Ether Contract, which Pirena violated
35 Carlos 161: Kapahamakan Shot by gun Hold-uppers Incident of the crime
36 Paopao's mother
37 Helgad 162: Balik Encantadia Stabbed by sword LilaSari Blocked an attack meant for another
38 Ariana


163: Nakatakda Andora Suppression of resistance
39 Evades 178: Duda For siding with the diwatas
40 Gilas 180: Trahedya On Avria's orders
41 Mira Throat slit by axe Asval
42 Wahid 181: Dalamhati Slashed by axe twice, front and back
43 Lira Multiple gunshot wounds
44 Avria 196: Tunggalian Torn to shreds by the Portal of Time Hagorn To eliminate a rival for power
45 Kaizan 201: Bangis Stabbed by sword an Etherian War casualty
46 Odessa 206: Hagkan Stabbed by her own arrow Danaya
47 Minea 208: Buhay Transformed into an orb None To avoid harming her own daughters and prevent Hagorn from completely exterminating her
48 Manik 210: Pagbawi Stabbed by sword 3 Etherians Attacked the enemy alone to redeem his mistakes for betraying Lireo
49 Ades Unknown Unknown Self-sacrifice, in order for Alira Naswen and Gamil to escape from Devas
50 Keros Extinguished fire Arde To prevent him from making an open alliance with Emre
51 Gamil


213: Estasectu Encantadia Snake bite Ether To make him reveal Cassiopea's whereabouts
52 Deshna Stabbed by dagger in multiple times Hagorn For attempting to kill him
53 Cassiopea


215: Handa Twisted neck Arde Battle casualty
54 Arde 216: Alas Stabbed and projected an energy beam through him by De-jar Emre
55 Asval 218: Ivo Live Encantadia Beheaded by his own battle axe Ybrahim War casualty
56 Memfes Stabbed by sword Andora
57 Andora Drowned by Water Gem Alena
58 Juvila Snapped neck Aquil
59 Ariana Slashed at the neck Hagorn
60 Muyak an Etherian
61 Hagorn Stabbed by sword Raquim War casualty, to end the war


  • It was thought that Hagorn had been killed in Episode 144. However, it is revealed in Episode 185 that he survived, and was imprisoned in a secret cell in Lireo.
  • The Finale Episode showed the most casualties in one episode, with 7.


  1. Revived by Arde
  2. Revived by Cassiopea. He was the first revived character not shown to have interacted with afterlife.
  3. Revived by Pagaspas through the Gintong Binhi obtained by Danaya and Lakan; passed the test in afterlife
  4. Revived after Hagorn passed the test in defeating Mancao in Balaak.
  5. Revived after Hagorn passed the test in defeating Mancao in Balaak, but he goes alone to find LilaSari instead.
  6. Revived after he passed Arde's test by defeating Mancao in Balaak.
  7. Revived when Ether revoked her curse. She was the second revived character not shown to have interacted with afterlife.
  8. Revived when Amihan's Ivtre went to her dying body, becoming Amihan's sarkosi.
  9. His ivtre is revived by Ether moments later after his ivtre's death. Techinically, Gamil is considered deceased.
  10. Revived by Emre, also granting her the status of a Bathaluman.

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