The Last Will of Amihan is a document written by Amihan to settle the succession to the crown of Lireo. Amihan chose her youngest sister, Danaya, as heiress to the throne,[1] bypassing the primogenitural claims of every other living Sang'gre — Lira, Pirena, Mira and Alena.

The will was first read by Danaya, to whom it had been entrusted. Danaya did not immediately reveal its content. When the will was publicly read, Danaya accepted the succession.[2]


Filipino English



Sa lahat ng mga taga-Lireo, at sa buong Konseho:

To all Lireans, and to the entire Council:

Na simula ngayon, sa sandali ng aking kamatayan, ay inaatasan ko ang aking kapatid na si Danaya, hindi lamang upang maging Tagapangalaga ng aking Brilyante ng Hangin, kundi upang siya rin ang humalili sa akin bilang bagong Reyna ng Lireo.

That from now on, from the time of my death, I designate my sister Danaya, not only as the Keeper of my Air Gem, but also as my successor as the new Queen of Lireo.

Nilagdaan ngayon, sa panahon ng pamumuno ng Ikalimang Reyna ng Lireo,

Signed now, during the reign of the Fifth Queen of Lireo,

Amihan, anak ni Minea.

Amihan, daughter of Minea

Numbering of Queens

Amihan considers herself as the Fifth Queen of Lireo, which raised for the first time the question as to why this should be. Prior to Amihan's claim of being the fifth queen, the only known queens before Amihan were:

  • Cassiopea
  • Demetria
  • Minea

In response to this question, Suzette Doctolero confirmed that the second queen is Ursula, who reigned after Cassiopea and before Demetria.[3] Ursula's name has not yet been mentioned in the aired episodes; but the order of the reigns of Demetria, Minea and Amihan is certain, and Cassiopea's status as the first queen is quite established. If Amihan is the fifth queen, the only queen missing would have been the second one.

Pirena and LilaSari also reigned briefly as Queens of Lireo, making them the sixth and seventh queens, but their reigns are not counted as "legitimate" by the diwatas. Direk Mark Reyes had posted a question asking who will be the sixth queen of Lireo, prior to the acession of Danaya.[4]


  • Imaw read the will with some alterations in Episode 146.


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