The Konseho (Filipino for "Council") or Tagapayo (Advisers) is a part of the government of the Kingdom of Lireo. It is composed of at least three Encantados.

Minea purportedly left the succession to the decision of the Konseho,[1] but Amihan succeeded to the throne by virtue of her victory in the queen's contest. This may mean that the Konseho has some power to block or reject the succession of a Sang'gre if they deemed her unworthy.

According to Imaw, the Konseho has the power to set aside an heiress apparent (such as Mira) for the succession to the throne if she is deemed unready, in favor of another qualified Sang'gre.[2]

The Konseho is also part of the deliberative body that decided on the sentence of Danaya. It is unknown if they participate in all judicial proceedings, or if they only do so if a Sang'gre is involved. Even though judicial power is ultimately vested in the queen, the Konseho can pressure her to conform with the legal norms.

One of the konseho members was killed after drinking the poisoned wine intended to all the Diwatas[3]

Known Members

  • Imaw is the highest-ranked member
  • Three unnamed Encantados
  • Three unnamed Encantadas (Present in the succession contest of the four Sang'gres)
  • The Sang'gres, siblings or close relatives of the incumbent Queen through Queen Demetria's line, are considered as ex-officio members of the Konseho.


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