A Kingdom (in Tagalog: Kaharian) is territory ruled by a Rama (King) or Hara (Queen). It is the most powerful type of government in the world of Encantadia. Each monarch has an army of armored infantry at his/her command.

There are four known Encantado kingdoms:

De Facto and De Jure

Monarchs reside in palaces, glorious structures that serve as the seats of power of each kingdom. A person who controls a palace without legal title is a monarch de facto. Examples of Monarchs De Facto are Pirena and LilaSari, who are not considered as legitimate Queens of Lireo.

The legitimate monarch of a kingdom is determined according to its laws. A monarch who loses control of his/her palace remains to be a monarch de jure. An example of a Monarch De Jure is Amihan, when she lost control of her palace to the forces of Pirena and Hagorn.

Royal Family

In a kingdom, the right to rule is usually confined to the descendants of the royal house. Members of the royal family possess extraordinary abilities which make them more powerful than other members of their respective races.

There are three[1] known royal houses in Encantadia:


  • In the original series, the Royal House of Etheria is divided among the four major tribes of Etheria. Hera Andal, being the foremost power, is the supreme royal house composed of the following members:
    • Hara Avria of Etheria, Hera of Andal
    • Rama Memen of Etheria, Hera of Sensa, father of Cassiopea
    • Diwani/Rehav Minea of Etheria, adoptive daughter of Avria and Memen[2]
  • In the original series, it can be argued Adamya had a "Royal House" composed of Nunong Aegen of Adamya, Nunong Imaw of Adamya, and Nunong Imok of Adamya.


  1. It is unknown if Etheria has a royal house, as there is only one known member: Avria.
  2. She is also called Hera Minea of Andal in the second book of the original series.

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