A Kambal-Diwa (literally, Twin Spirit) is the spiritual co-guardian of an elemental gem. Little is known as to what they really are. They may be former champions or heroes revived to safeguard the power within the elemental gems. Or perhaps they are the gems themselves taking the form of familiar champions.[1]

A Kambal-Diwa has the same master as its gem, which is the current keeper.

A Kambal-Diwa is sometimes used interchangeably with the term Gabay-Diwa (literally, Guardian Spirit). However, it is possible that Gabay-Diwa has a broader meaning than Kambal-Diwa. While a Kambal-Diwa is used exclusively for spirits tied to gems, other spirits, such as Ades, may deem themselves as Gabay-Diwa.[2]

According to Agua, a Kambal-Diwa would not be able to return to her home gem until she had accomplished what its master had ordered.[3] Even so, a Kambal-Diwa who is not within a gem would not be automatically notified if the gem's possessor has changed.[4]

Known Kambal-Diwas

  • Fifth Gem: the as-yet-unnamed Kambal-Diwa of the Fifth Gem (portrayed by Rodjun Cruz) manifests himself in full armor to ensure the safety of Paopao, a child who would otherwise be unable to defend himself. When the Fifth Gem passed into the possession of Hagorn, the guardian acquired facial markings, like that of a Hathor's. Before Hagorn's death, the Soul Gem passed to Danaya, which would lead for its Kambal-Diwa to remove his Hathor markings on his face.
  • Water Gem: Agua (portrayed by Janine Gutierrez) was summoned by Pirena to bring back Alena with her

Version Differences

  • The Gabay-Diwas were the co-guardians of the elemental gems. The known Gabay-Diwas are the following:
    • Alipato (Fire Gem)
    • Avilan (Air Gem)
    • Agua (Water Gem)
    • Sari-a (Earth Gem)
  • Aera was the only known Kambal-Diwa of Sang'gre Amihan of Lireo in the original series.


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