Kalasag (literally Shield), refers to armors in the series Encantadia.

Kalasag of Ybrahim

A sturdy black armor that belonged to the Royal House of Sapiro. Described as a god-armor, it was said that the renowned smith Vish'ka had a big part in the Kalasag's forging during the early ages of the Kingdom of Sapiro.[1]

The armor was granted by King Armeo to his son Ybrahim, who is the only one who can use it. When Asval attempted to lift it, it did not move.

The armor is impervious to damage, even against the power granted by Ether to Pirena to melt things.[2]

The armor was painted gold by Episode 158, but may have been painted much earlier.

Kalasag of Lira

A golden armor forged by Vish'ka for Lira, in admiration of her bravery. Lira wears it above her purple suit. Said armor is adorned with the symbol of Sapiro (the sarangay) and the symbol of Lireo (the lambana) at the center - representing her Sapiryan and Diwata heritage. This armor was forged in just one night.

One thing notable about this armor is its striking similarity with Bathalang Emre's armor especially the headgear. It can be theorized that this draws from Lira's role as the Luntaie or Emre's chosen.

The armor was painted silver by Episode 149, but may have been painted much earlier.


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