Ivtre (also called Dungan[1]) refers to spirits or ghosts in Encantadia.

According to Danaya, the ivtres of Encantadia only wait for guides who would bring them either to Devas or Balaak. According to Imaw, those ivtres who go Devas have their bodies brought with them, in case they still have something to do in Encantadia; some souls go to Balaak, from which no one could return. Those who stay in Encantadia are the ghosts, but there is nothing to fear from them, as they cannot harm anybody.[2]

An ivtre could enter a Kanlungan[3] (vessel) with the assistance of a deity.

No one knows what happens when an ivtre is killed in his spirit form, but it can be presumed they will be sent either to the Realm of the Celestial Beings or the Void.


Ivtres in Devas could eat the fruit from the Mother Tree, which would allow them to be reborn (reincarnated), either into a new life or as the continuation of another life.[4]

When an ivtre's sarkosi is merely the continuation of another person's life, the original person's identity seems unaffected. Such a person, however, would feel some sort of connection with the ivtre's loved ones, and they would feel the same towards her.[5] He/she would also acquire some of the ivtre's skills.[6] In special circumstances, a sarkosi may have familiarity with any item associated with her previous life and may even have snippets of the latter's memories - this was seen when Ariana held the Arkrey for the first time.[7] It is also implied that the merging of souls is permanent. By way of exception, Emre allowed the reconstitution of Amihan's ivtre at the request from Ariana and Cassiopea.[8]


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