Ivictus[1] or Evictus[2] (Enchan for Teleportation; in Tagalog: Paglalaho[3]) is an ability hereditary among the Sang'gres of Lireo. The keepers of the Air Gem and the Fifth Gem, Kambal-Diwas, ivtres (such as Ades), Evades, and Etherians could also use this ability.

Ivictus is one of the most useful abilities in the series, which allows users to escape, scout, travel quickly, or make sneak attacks.


There are two types:

  1. invisibility - which does not make them intangible[4]
  2. teleportation - near-instantaneous travel from one place to another. Teleportation during ivictus can be intercepted by another person also using ivictus.[5]

It is possible for the teleporter to take others with her if they have physical contact.[6] A teleportee could even lead the teleporter to his destination, if the teleporter allowed it.[7]


Some limitations have been shown:

  • Cannot teleport when bound,[8] chained,[9] or held by the arms[10] or the neck,[11] when restraint is intended
  • User's feet must be in contact with a surface[12][13][14]
  • Cannot teleport if wounded enough[15]
  • There is a limit to the number of people that could be teleported[16]
  • She must know, in her mind, her destination,[17] or more accurately, how to go to her destination[18]

Armors, spells and blessings are nullified whenever a Sang'gre is in the invisibility state of ivictus, making her very vulnerable. But this weakness is unknown to almost all people, even the Sang'gres. Ether told Hagorn about this, who told Agane.[19]


  • Episode 206 showed Hagorn, Andora and others traveling as spheres of light. It is possible that this is the visible form of ivictus travel.


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