The History of Encantadia is the story of a world created by five deities, of the rise and fall of kingdoms and peoples, the Mother Gem and its successors, and of the Luntaies.



Five powerful beings, Arde, Emre, Ether, Haliya and Keros were expelled from their old home for remaining neutral during the great war between good and evil. They created their own world, Encantadia, as well as the first Encantados. Over time, the land became divided into four territories: Adamya, Hathoria, Lireo, and Sapiro. Keros exiled himself to the island of Binyaan so that his power would not harm others. Haliya decided to create a second moon after a heartbreak. Only Emre, Arde and Ether remained to directly administer the land's daily affairs.

Etherian War

The four kingdoms worshiped Emre the most, much to the envy of Arde and Ether. The two attempted to kill Emre, but Emre, the most powerful of the three deities, got wind of their plan, and punished them by transforming them into animals. Arde was turned into a dragon and banished into Balaak to be its guardian. Ether on the other hand was turned into a snake to forever remind her of her treachery. Unlike Arde however, Ether was left to wander in Encantadia, where she tried to recruit as many worshipers as possible.

A few Encantados came to respect Ether, and they formed a fifth kingdom called Etheria. With Ether's blessing, the kingdom flourished enough to be able to exact revenge on Emre by attacking his followers. During the first war of Encantadia however, the four kingdoms joined forces. Emre gave the Mother Gem to the first queen of Lireo, Cassiopea. Etheria was destroyed, along with its queen, Avria. With Etheria gone, the four kingdoms lived in peace.

It can be presumed that the first Luntaie was born on this era but was subsequently killed by Ether to prevent her from fulfilling her mission in Encantadia.

Book One

The Elemental Gems

After the death of Queen Demetria of Lireo, a rebel Sang'gre named Adhara felt entitled to be the succeeding queen by virtue of her being the queen's only known relative (niece). But it was Minea, Demetria's granddaughter, who succeeded to the throne. She later sought to take the Mother Gem to acquire absolute power. Cassiopea wiped out Adhara's forces using the gem. Feeling that the gem was unsafe, Cassiopea cleaved the gem into four separate pieces, and distributed them to each of the four kingdoms. This angered Emre, who banished Cassiopea from her kingdom and made her immortal. The only way to lift the curse is if the four gems are again reconstituted as one. Unknown to Cassiopea, a fifth piece of the Mother Gem flew several miles off her island.

War for the Gems

The Hathors sought for supremacy in Encantadia through the acquisition of the four gems. The Adamyans were easily overpowered and forced to give up the Water Gem. When the Hathors sought to take the Earth Gem, Sapiro and Lireo allied with each other to oppose them.[1] King Arvak of Hathoria was slain, but King Armeo and his queen were also slain, with their infant son Prince Ybrahim missing and presumed slain as well. Prince Raquim of Sapiro, Armeo's cousin, acquires three of the gems,[2] which he passed to Queen Minea of Lireo, uniting the four gems in the custody of one person. When Hagorn attempted to have Minea's daughter Amihan assassinated, Minea destroyed the palace of Hathoria and cursed the Hathors with hideous forms, with their bodies to vanish upon death.[3] Minea sent Raquim and Amihan to the human world, to protect them from Hagorn who had acquired a resistance to the power of gems through Ether.[4]

Raquim and Amihan's Exile

There was peace in Encantadia after the exile of Raquim and Amihan. Minea occasionally visited them in the human world.[5] After a few years Hagorn had the Key of Asnamon stolen, and went to the human world to find Raquim[6] Raquim was slain, but Amihan survives Hagorn's attack and brought back to Lireo, where she meets her sisters, Pirena, Alena and Danaya.[7] When her daughters were almost kidnapped by Hagorn, Minea had them trained by Aquil.[8]

War of the Sang'gres

When the Sang'gres were grown up, Minea received a sign that it is time for her to abdicate the throne to one of her daughters. She leaves the question of the succession to the outcome of a contest.[9] Pirena thought that she won, but the Minea reveals that the contest was meant to be cryptic, and Amihan won. Pirena claimed she was cheated and attacks her mother.[10] Pirena steals the Fire Gem and goes to Hathoria to seek Hagorn's aid. Minea distributes the remaining gems to her daughters:

The Lirean army under the new queen, Amihan, and her sisters Alena and Danaya, forced the Hathor army under Hagorn and Pirena to retreat.[12]

Queen Amihan's Reign

Amihan was gravely wounded during the battle, so the elders invoked Emre's aid to make her bear an heir as soon as possible.[13] Through a dream, Amihan conceives a child with Ybarro, a mandirigma - this child is destined to become the second Luntaie. Pirena conceived a child also, planning to exchange it with Amihan's child.[14] Minea was shot by an arrow[15] and she dies; Amihan's daughter Lira and Pirena's daughter Mira were born on the same night. Pirena returns to Lireo to ask for pardon,[16] which Amihan decided to grant for their late mother's sake. Pirena executes her plan and switches Mira with Lira.[17] Pirena attempted to kill Lira, but latter survives due to the protective blessing of the Earth Gem. Pirena decides to have Lira isolated in the human world instead, but Muyak accompanies the infant.[18]

Mira was raised as the Princess of Lireo.[19] Amihan, however, had a dream where her daughter was in danger, but it was not Mira that she saw.[20] Pirena manipulates Amihan to feel guilty about her doubts on Mira, so Amihan decides to forget those doubts.[21]

Ybarro learns from Asval that only royal Sapiryans have the ability to heal. Apitong confirmed that he is Ybrahim, heir to the throne of Sapiro.[22] After seeing that Alena is still in love with Ybarro after all those years, Amihan sends Pagaspas to look for him.[23] During a fight with Hitano, Asval shoots Ybrahim with a poisoned arrow. Pagaspas learns that Ybarro has died and tells Amihan, who tells Alena. Ybrahim was revived by Cassiopea,[24] and obtains the royal armor Kalasag from the spirit of his father. Alena and the mandirigmas continued to believe that Ybarro still lived.[25]

Mira learns from Cassiopea that she is not destined to be a queen, because she will fall in love with a man.[26] Mira steals the Key of Asnamon and wanders into the human world. Amihan goes to the human world to find Mira, where she also encountered Lira for a while.[27]

Alena and Apitong look for missing Encantados, and find out that it was the handiwork of a diwata in black (Adhara).[28] Alena almost finds Ybarro, but he hides from her. Apitong said it is probably time to give up on the notion that Ybarro is still alive, and Alena agreed. Pirena tried to convince Amihan to abdicate in Mira's favor, but no one believes that Mira is ready.[29]

Adhara collects enough souls for Arde, so he restores her body but takes away her powers. She asked her old friend Vish'ka to make a weapon as powerful as her staff Lupig, but he delivered her instead to Hitano, to be imprisoned in Carcero.[30]

Alena was overwhelmed by sadness after losing hope that Ybarro is still alive and after learning that Muyak would not be returning from the banyuhay of the lambanas. Pirena, disguised as Emre, deceived Alena to give her the Water Gem, in exchange for making her forget all her loss.[31]

Pirena makes Hitano take Alena to the human world. She tells Amihan and Danaya that Alena is dead.[32] Cassiopea backs Pirena's story, foreseeing that she has a role to play in Encantadia's future.[33] Pirena uses her shapeshifting ability to discredit Danaya.[34] During the course of her investigation on Alena's death, Danaya was charged with crimes.[35]

With his Kalasag, Ybrahim proves his lineage to the Sapiryans. Asval feigned adherence to Ybrahim. Pirena plays her cards well and Danaya is convicted during trial. Mira overhears Pirena discussing her sinister plans with Gurna, so Pirena reveals that she is Mira's real mother.[36] Amihan follows the advice of the Konseho and exiles Danaya to the human world.[37] Pirena escorts Danaya to the human world in an attempt to take the Earth Gem, but Danaya escapes.[38] With Amihan separated from her loyal sisters, Hagorn said they have enough power to attack.[39]

Fall of Lireo

Pirena uses her shapeshifting ability to discredit Amihan.[40] Amihan grew suspicious, so Pirena decides to accelerate her plans.[41] Pirena sabotaged the weapons at the armory of Lireo, so that they cannot be used by the diwatas in time of need.[42]

On the alignment of the two moons of Encantadia, Pirena raised the standard of rebellion while Hathors invaded Lireo in force.[43] Amihan could have annihilated all the Hathors by depriving them of their breaths using the Air Gem, but desisted after learning that Mira would also be affected. Mira reveals that Pirena is her mother. Amihan teleports to the entrance of the palace after being wounded by Hagorn. There she met Ybarro, who decides to assist her.[44] Amihan was separated from Ybarro and received grievous wounds from the Hathors. She was saved by Cassiopea and Paopao, a batang ligaw, the keeper of the hitherto unknown Soul Gem.[45]

Hagorn crowns Pirena as Queen of Lireo. Pirena also learns that Hagorn is her father.[46] To complete her victory, Pirena threatens to kill her captives in Lireo if Amihan's forces did not surrender.[47] Amihan teleports to Lireo in an attempt to rescue Ades and the others.[48] Amihan was only able to save some of the captives, while the rest, including Ades, were killed by the Hathors. Pirena starts to distrust her father Hagorn after he refused to return the Fire Gem he had borrowed.[49] Pirena goes to Carcero in an effort to boost the size of her army.[50]

With the help of the Mulawin Lakan, Lira and Danaya prepared to go to Encantadia.[51] Hagorn demands allegiance from all races in Encantadia, with a special warning for the Mulawins.[52] Pirena learns that the prisoners of Carcero had escaped. Adhara leads the fugitives to Ayleb.[53]

Return of the Heiress

Lira and Danaya finally returned to Encantadia. Casssiopea meets them and told them to go to Devas to obtain a blessing.[54] They encounter Wantuk and stole a sky ship from Hathors, which they used to reach Ascano.[55] Danaya loses a drinking wager against Vish'ka, under the terms of which she must marry him.[56] Lira speaks up for Danaya, for which Vish'ka admired her and made her an armor. Lira gets killed by Hagorn after being separated from her companions.[57]

Danaya sought the help of the Mulawins in reviving Lira. In the afterlife, Lira declines to go to Devas when she learned that she would not be able to return.[58] Ades tells Lira that she passed her test, and gives her a blessing. Lira is revived by the Gintong Binhi.[59]

Acting on Pirena's words, Alena asked Ybarro if he has a connection with Amihan. Alena leaves after Amihan admitted that Ybarro is Lira's father.[60] Alena gives birth to Kahlil, her son with Ybarro. Having been wounded by Agane, she casted a spell on Kahlil to grow quickly, while she transformed into a turtle and went to the sea to heal.[61]

Lira was brought to the palace of Lireo by Asval. Pirena, in the guise of Amihan, fools Lira into thinking that she is Amihan's ally.[62] Using the Water Gem, Pirena informs her sisters that she has Lira, so they go to Lireo to confront her.[63] Pirena demanded their gems, which Amihan refused to give. Amihan went to the bandidos to use the Lagusan ng Pagkaligaw.[64] Amihan takes Mira back to Encantadia, where she learns that she will be used in exchange for her cousin.[65]

Amihan and Danaya attempted to trade Mira for Lira, but Pirena said she did not care whatever they did to Mira. Offended, Mira stabs herself.[66] Pirena was enraged and threatens Amihan that Lira would be hurt, leading to Amihan's capture.[67] In captivity, Amihan prayed to Emre to save her daughter. Ades appears to Lira and informs her that she is being deceived.[68] Ybrahim rescues Amihan in Lireo. Lira confirmed that she was being deceived, when Gurna attempted to kill her.[69] While Lira was escaping, she encountered Amihan, whom she thought to be Pirena in disguise, and stabs her.[70] Lira encountered Adhara and Lilasari, who brought her to their camp after learning that she was Amihan's daughter.[71]

Shifting Alliances

Pirena blessed Kahlil with battle prowess and the ability to kill Lira.[72] Disguised as Agane, Pirena learns of her father's low opinion of her, and thinks that she cannot trust him.[73] She attempted to assassinate Hagorn, but fails. At first Hagorn was enraged at Agane, but noticed strange things about Pirena and eventually deduced that it was Pirena who attempted to kill him.[74]

Hagorn went to Ether, who said she would give him a wife.[75] Pirena offered an alliance with her sisters, but they refused, thinking they could not trust her. Hagorn offers to wed Lilasari, threatening to massacre everyone at Ayleb if she refused.[76] Lilasari learns that she cannot trust Adhara. Amihan goes to Adhara's camp to find Lira.[77] Lilasari helps Amihan kill Adhara.[78] Through a dream, Ybrahim confirms that Kahlil is his son and rescues him in Lireo.[79] In retaliation, Paopao was captured by Pirena, but it was Hagorn who acquires the Soul Gem.[80]

After marrying Lilasari, Hagorn returns to Lireo to overthrow Pirena.[81] After Hagorn threatened to have Mira killed, Pirena gave up the Water Gem to Hagorn.[82] Ybrahim opened the palace of Lireo to the refugees.[83]

With the help of Agua, Alena returns to her true form by eating a fruit from the Tree of Life.[84] After a long search, Amihan and Lira finally reunite.[85]

Using the power of the three gems, Hagorn raised an anti-ivictus barrier to prevent sneak attacks from the Sang'gres.[86] Alira Naswen, whose mind was poisoned by Ether, defects to Hagorn and tells him where his enemies were.[87] Hagorn's army meets Amihan's army in the battlefield.[88] Danaya saves Lira by killing the assassin, who turned out to be her nephew Kahlil.[89] Alena learns about this and sought to make Danaya pay.[90]

Curse on Lira

With Pirena's help, Alena abducts Lira.[91] Alena revokes Lira's charming voice, while Ether transforms Lira into a goat-like Encantada.[92] Ether offered to restore Lira's true form if she will no longer pursue her destiny of reconciling the Sang'gres. When Lira rejected this, Ether imposed another curse, that would make everyone believe that Pirena succeeded in killing Lira in her infancy.[93]

Pirena attempted to forge an alliance with Lilasari against Hagorn, but Lilasari refused, thinking that Pirena could not be trusted.[94] Emre sent a white retre to Mira in the human world, making her miss Encantadia again.[95]

Alena returns to Lireo and feigned reconciliation with Amihan and Danaya.[96]

Mira learns that no one remembers who Lira is, and they eventually find each other with the help of pashneas sent by Emre.[97] Accompanied by Mira, Lira eats a fruit from the Tree of Life and recovers her true form and voice.[98]

Lira was disappointed that she remained unrecognized even in her true form, due to Ether's curse. Alena reports Amihan's plans to Pirena. Amihan learns about this and scrapped her plans, claiming that they have been betrayed.[99] When Alena left, Amihan pushed through with her plans with the bandidos, and infiltrated Lireo.[100] LilaSari betrays Hagorn and forces him to give up one of the gems to her. Amihan's forces reconquered Lireo.[101]

Pirena begins to believe that Lira is really her niece, and took her to Etheria to confirm it.[102] Pirena then asked Ether for power, which Ether gave, on the condition that she would die if she used it against her or Hagorn.[103]

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Amihan, and ignorant that Lira still exists, the Konseho decides that it was time for her to have another child. In a dream, Amihan meets Ybrahim for the second time.[104] Amihan, not wanting to hurt Alena again, decides not to consummate the dream's purpose and declares that Mira would be her heiress.[105]

Amihan and Alena attack Lilasari's camp to obtain the Water Gem, but Amihan desisted when she learned that LilaSari was about to give birth. LilaSari named her daughter Deshna.[106] Asval was annoyed by LilaSari's newfound pacifism and succeeds in convincing LilaSari's followers to join him instead.[107] Hagorn attacked Ayleb, where only LilaSari and Hitano remained. Amihan comes to their rescue.[108] Grateful, LilaSari gives the Water Gem to Amihan. Though wary of Alena's state of mind, Amihan decides to return the Water Gem to Alena.[109] Pirena, Asval, Mayca and their forces attacked Sapiro. Hagorn decided to attack Lireo at the same time, but was beaten when Amihan, Danaya and Alena combined their gems against him.[110]

Pirena uses her ability on Alena to force her to give up the Water Gem.[111] Asval was hunted down for his crimes, but it was Pirena who finally killed him.[112] With Asval's death, Ybrahim secured his faction as allies against Pirena.[113] But Pirena discovers the plot with Hagorn's help and had them, Ybrahim, Aquil and Muros captured.[114] Amihan and Danaya tried to rescue them in Sapiro, but Amihan had to return to Lireo because of Hagorn's invasion of her kingdom.[115]

Amihan manages to expel Hagorn from Lireo using the Air Gem, Lupig and Balintataw against the Fire Gem and Soul Gem. Arde blocks Lira's path to Devas; he gobbles her up but was forced to spit her out.[116] Emre takes Lira with him to Devas and gives her an item that could revoke Ether's curse. Ybrahim and Pirena were forced to divide the palace of Sapiro between them.[117] Amihan preferred such status quo by warning Pirena not to harm Ybrahim.[118] Hagorn took Lira and turned her over to Ether. Sealed within a tree, Lira uses the item Emre gave her, restoring everyone's memory about her.[119] Amihan forces Hagorn to reveal where Lira had been taken, and the family were reunited to celebrate Christmas.[120]

Fall of Hathoria

Hagorn visits Pirena in Sapiro and demands her surrender. Gurna stabs Pirena to prove her "loyalty" to Hagorn, ensuring her survival.[121] Hagorn demands that Amihan reveal where his wife and daughter are.[122] Amihan organized a rescue mission, but Aquil and Muros were captured.[123] Aquil led Hagorn to where Lilasari is, leading to the recovery of Deshna, wounding of Lilasari and death of Hitano.[124] But Agane did not want Deshna to become heiress of Hathoria instead of her, so she sent her far away through a dragon.[125]

Lilasari goes to Lireo and demands Aquil's life, which Amihan did not grant, as he had already been punished by demotion.[126] Alena saves the nymfas who had been taking care of Deshna, and was about to give her back to Lilasari, but Cassiopea stopped her.[127] Cassiopea and Alena returned the child to the nymfa Helgad, and instructed them to live far away, in the north.[128] Hagorn hunts Alena down, but she was saved by her nieces Lira and Mira.[129] Amihan deceives Hagorn by giving him a false location of his daughter, and orders the annihilation of the Hathor army to prevent Hagorn from retaliating.[130]

Hadezar War

Hagorn sought the help of Ether to restore his army, and he was sent to Arde in Balaak.[131] Hagorn overcomes the test imposed by Arde, and acquires a large Hadezar army, which includes Asval, among others (Hitano had secretly accompanied it).[132] The diwatas find out that they cannot kill these Hadezars, and even their gems are ineffective.[133] To survive this threat, Pirena prepared to submit to Hagorn's power again, but Imaw informs her that Gurna had hidden a letter that her mother had written for her.[134] Pirena was swayed by the letter's content and kills Gurna, and then joins her sisters in Lireo.[135]

Amihan tells Danaya of her plan to sacrifice her life to return as an ivtre that could kill Hadezars, which Alena secretly heard.[136] Amihan tells Ybrahim that she loves him.[137] Pirena reveals to Ybrahim that either Amihan or Alena will sacrifice her life.[138] Ybrahim and Lira returned to Lireo to save Amihan, but they were too late.[139] In Devas, Amihan asked Emre to allow her to return, to save Encantadia. Emre gave his permission.[140]

Amihan and Kahlil returned to defend Ybrahim from the Hadezars.[141] They exterminated most of the Hadezars, so the Hathors took Mira hostage.[142] Hagorn went to Ether to ask for aid, and received Ether's sword.[143] Hagorn summoned a three-headed dragon that Amihan fought. Pirena, conscious of her bargain with Ether, gravely injured Hagorn to end the war, at the cost of her life.[144]

New Era

In Devas, Amihan and Kahlil convinced Emre to revive Pirena.[145] Emre pressured Ether to revoke the curse, reviving Pirena. Amihan's will was read, designating Danaya as her successor. Danaya accepted, leading to the departure of Aquil.[146] Danaya was crowned Queen of Lireo. Lira, Mira, Wantuk and Wahid went to Devas by sky ship to fetch Amihan.[147] Amihan was not permitted to return, but she warns Lira to prepare for Ether's return. Pirena reestablished Hathoria, while Ybrahim was crowned King of Sapiro. Lira trained her magic powers, while Mira trained with the sword. Ether reestablished Etheria.[148]

Book Two

Reestablishment of Etheria

Cassiopea earnestly worked to be promoted to a bathaluman, so she could better protect Encantadia. Lira and Mira were promoted as full-fledged Sang'gres. Ether revives Avria, albeit in a weakened state.[149] With Ether's aid, Avria possessed Cassiopea's body. [150] The Sang'gres look for Cassiopea and noticed that there's something different with her.[151] The Encantados were alarmed by the extraordinary behavior of the pashneas.[152] Aquil reports to Danaya his discovery of a palace. Danaya convinced him to remain.[153]

Avria asked the diwatas to surrender the gems to her, but they deferred and wished to consult the Konseho. Avria's plot goes to naught when she attacked Lira and Mira, who were saved by Luna and Gilas.[154] Pirena investigates this and learns that Avria is not Cassiopea, as she does not even know who Mira and Lira really are. [155]

Avria goes to Lireo to obtain the gems, but Cassiopea finally frees herself out of her concern for Encantadia. Avria manages to take the Soul Gem however, and delivers it to Ether.[156] Cassiopea was acquitted in a gem trial by Pirena, Danaya and Ybrahim. They learn that Etheria has been reestablished.[157]


Cassiopea used the Pedestal from Devas and Imaw's Balintataw to summon the five Gem symbols, which would search for the next batch of gem keepers.[158] Ether fights off the invasions of the Sang'gres, and makes blood sacrifice that hastened the restoration of Avria's full power.[159] Luna was chosen by the Fire Gem symbol. Avria was dissatisfied by the current size of her army and ordered her four mashnas — Andora, LilaSari, Amarro and Asval — to recruit more people into their cause.[160]

In the human world, it was revealed that Paopao's life had a sudden downturn after his parents' demise. He was chosen by the Soul Gem symbol, which guided him back to Encantadia.[161] The Etherian mashnas attacked the Punjabwes.[162] Ariana dies from the wound inflicted by Andora, but was revived by the spirit of Amihan, who reincarnated into her. She was also chosen by the Air Gem symbol.[163] Lira was kidnapped and was defeated by Avria, but she was saved by Pirena, Alena, Ybrahim and Paopao. Imaw recognized Paopao's status as a savior-keeper.[164] Ariana and Azulan were saved by Ybrahim. Ariana was recognized by Imaw as the second savior-keeper.[165]

After Mira and Lira played a prank on Ariana, Imaw advised them that this may be the reason why they are not yet chosen.[166] Luna, Gilas and Quina encountered Andora during their search for LilaSari and the captured nymfas. Pirena, Danaya and Imaw appeared to save them.[167] Luna was recognized as the third gem master, and the Sang'gres also recognized her true identity as Deshna.[168] Lira and Mira finally gave up on their dreams of being included among the new gem keepers, and welcomed the three who were already chosen. The gem symbols of Earth and Water, respectively, immediately appeared on their upper arms, and they were subsequently recognized.[169] The Encantadian monarchs offered Avria peace, and she asked for time to consider, but her real intent became suspect after a failed assassination on the new keepers.[170]

Argonas under Andora's control attacked Lireo, but Avria intervened and saved them, restoring the Soul Gem besides.[171] Muyak was imprisoned in Lireo because she was not recognized with her new stature. She was released when she was revealed to be the sixth chosen gem keeper.[172] A feast was celebrated in Lireo for the peace with Etheria, and Wahid manages to foil Avria's plot to poison them all.[173] Pirena later discovers that Avria was the mastermind behind the poisoning, but Avria managed to contain the damage by pretending to be Danaya and telling Pirena not to tell anybody else.[174] The six chosen keepers and Gilas begin their training in the island of Capade.[175]

Fall of Devas

Avria pretends to be Aquil in order to switch appearance with Danaya. Pirena creates an anti-Etherian barrier, which made her recognize Avria. Avria made Pirena forget about this, at the cost of a portion of her lifespan.[176] Luna almost gave up on her training due to the punishment, but the other trainees convinced her to persevere.[177] Danaya returns to Lireo having the appearance of Avria. She tried to tell the others that Avria is an impostor, but fails.[178] Avria takes the three gems, but she was exposed as an impostor.[179] The Etherian mashnas strike at Capade, leading to the deaths of Gilas, Mira,[180] Wahid and Lira. Back at Lireo, Danaya, Pirena, Alena, Ybrahim and Cassiopea defeated the Kubur sent by Avria, not knowing how much the distraction had cost them.[181] Imaw notifies Cassiopea of the attack, and the royals were informed. Pirena and Ybrahim blamed Cassiopea for the deaths of their children.[182] Avria uses the power of the gems to summon a large army from Etheria's past.[183] Driven away by Arde and Ether from Devas, Cassiopea and Imaw learned from Kahlil that Emre had been defeated.[184] Avria had Hagorn set free, so that the diwatas will have another enemy.[185]

Ether reveals that with the help of Keros, she and Arde had defeated Emre, removed his powers and expelled him from Devas.[186] Hagorn gathers those Hathors still loyal to him, while Cassiopea managed to take the Earth Gem from Avria.[187] Ether took Luna to Hagorn so that he would side with them against the diwatas.[188] Emre advised Cassiopea to delay the war, because they could not possibly win until Devas had been recovered.[189] After convincing Ybrahim to desist from attacking Etheria, Cassiopea decides to join Emre's search for the fifth deity, Haliya.[190]

Fall of Etheria

Danaya makes peace with Avria by offering a fake version of the Earth Gem.[191] Pirena attempted to take the Golden Hourglass in order to save Mira, but fails.[192] Cassiopea escapes from Ether's surveillance and meets Haliya, but Haliya refused to speak to her.[193]

Hagorn gives the Golden Hourglass he had stolen to Pirena in order to break the peace between Diwatas and Etherians.[194] Pirena had to choose between going back in time to save her daughter or saving her sisters in the present time, and she chooses the latter.[195] Azulan, Ariana and Manik assisted Pirena in beating Avria, but it was Hagorn who gets the gems and kills Avria.[196]

End Game

Haliya learns of the plight of Emre and Cassiopea, and said that they must find her weapon De-jar, which might be able to assist them.[197] Hagorn consolidates his authority over Avria's former subordinates.[198]

Juvila enters the palace of Lireo using her time manipulation ability and gravely injures Ybrahim.[199] Emre summons a griffin, which was able to find the De-jar.[200] Ybrahim vows vengeance against Hagorn when he found out that Sapiro had been sacked.[201] Ether brings Minea to Hagorn's camp, to assist him in his war.[202] The Sang'gres were surprised to see their mother in battle, but they were rescued by Imaw and his Balintataw.[203]

The Sang'gre sisters try to convince Minea that she is their mother; she rejects them by stabbing Alena, but feels the pain in her heart when she did so.[204] Memfes proposes marriage for Adamya, but Alena rejects it. Memfes said he would continue to wait.[205] The Sang'gres returned to Hagorn's cap to rescue Minea again, but were subject to Andora's mind control ability. They were rescued by Memfes and his Gunikars.[206] During Hagorn's attack on Lireo, Minea finally realizes who she really is, and gives up her diwata form in order to avoid hurting her daughters.[207] Arde revives Lira and Mira, bringing them to Hagorn to further the latter's plans.[208]

Keros assists Emre and Cassiopea by curing them from Ether's venom using the fruits from the Tree of Life.[209] Following Ether's wish, Arde slew Keros.[210] Lira and Mira returned to Lireo after a successful rescue mission, but Hagorn spoils their triumph by asking Arde to render the princesses unconscious and inflict sickness upon them.[211] Cassiopea infiltrates the palace of Devas with the assistance of Alira Naswen and Gamil.[212] Cassiopea tricks Arde into thinking that Ether wanted to kill him. Deshna goes to Old Etheria and stabs her father, prompting him to kill her.[213]

Embittered at having to kill his own daughter, Hagorn tells Pirena and Ybrahim that he would be willing to give them a cure, but for one princess only.[214] Cassiopea's trick had been exposed; she was slain by Arde, and Emre was defeated.[215] Enraged at her death, Emre finally defeats Arde and recovered his powers. Pirena returns Andora to Hagorn in exchange for the cure for Mira.[216] Both sides mobilized for war.[217] At the final war, Alena slays Andora, Ybrahim decapitates Asval and Aquil kills Juvila. Hagorn confronts Ariana with Amihan's soul within her. Hagorn released his secret weapon - the Hadezars. But the ivtres arrived from Devas to deal with them, and Hagorn was slain by Raquim. Ether was weakened after fighting the Sang'gre sisters, and Emre finally turned her into an ordinary snake. At the end of the final war, Memfes, Muyak and Ariana are among the casualties. Cassiopea was promoted to a Bathaluman. Alena acceded to the throne of Lireo. Cassiopea introduces the infant Cassandra to Lira and Ybrahim. Peace was restored to Encantadia, as the Sang'gres and Haras married and have children. But in an icy realm, Cassiopea's sister contemplates the conquest of the Encantado kingdoms.[218]


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