Hera Sensa is one of the four Heras (subdivisions) of the Kingdom of Etheria. Its people have the power over minds.[1]

Information based on Artwork

Witches of Hera Sensa levitate in lotus position, with light shining in their foreheads (Third Eye).

Version differences

  • In the original version:
    • Hera Sensa is led by Hera Barkus of Sensa, the father of Hera Andora and Hera Animus.
    • Evades hails from this tribe in the original version, but he is not given a "Hera" status. However, it is not yet implied which tribe that Evades hailed in this version.
    • Rama Memen of Etheria, Hera of Sensa, the biological father of Cassiopea (with Diwata Ornia), and legitimate husband of Hara Avria of Etheria, also hails from this tribe.


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