Hera Andal is one of the four Heras (subdivisions) of the Kingdom of Etheria. It is the capital of the kingdom.[1]

It is said that Hera Andal had sought to discover the secret of immortality, and they transfer their souls to other individuals in order to achieve such feat.[2]

National emblem

Andal banner
The symbol of Hera Andal is two white intertwined snakes,[3] one snake's head on the top and the other's head at the bottom. It was first seen on the sarcophagus of Avria.

Information based on Artwork

Etherian soul traansfer

Soul from a deceased Etherian transferred to a living person.


  • The floating palace of Hera Andal in the New Etheria seems to be a "mockery" of Devas.

Version differences

  • In the original version:
    • The people of Hera Andal were said to be the experts in magic and medicine.
    • Avria's half-brother Mashna Arkrey, who was the head soldier of the Sapiryan army and secretly being a half-Sapiryan half-Etherian, was hailed from Hera Andal.[4]
    • Mashna Victu was the only known head soldier of the Hera Andal soldiers.
    • Hera Minea was raised by Hara Avria of Etheria and Gurna, a Diwata dama, in Hera Andal.


  1. Episode 157
  2. Noel Layon Flores.
  3. Said to be Encantadia's version of the Ouroboros
  4. Though Arkrey is half-Etherian and half-Sapiryan, it is implied that he has not given a Heran status despite being one of the guardians of Golden Hourglass in the original series.

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