Halconia is the home of the Ravenas in the human world. It is found in the hidden volcano at the Valley of Ravenum deep in the forests of Mindanao island, Philippines[1]


After Ravenum and his group were kicked out of Avila for not agreeing to have peace with humans, Ravenum created his own kingdom beneath the mountains called Halconia.

After the last Mulawin War resulting to the death of Lord Ravenum of Halconia, the Ravenas fled to different parts of archipelago due to lack of stable leadership. The Hunyangos sought the remaining Ravenas due to the return of Gabriel, the remaining living son of Lord Ravenum after the death of Aguiluz.

Despite Gabriel's good reign, the Ravenas turned their backs on him after Daragit offered a better refuge in Avila, where he became its monarch. Gabriel was betrayed by his queen, Rashana, after the latter discovered that Tagaktak is not her daughter, because she is a Mulawin. Rashana retained her status as queen even after Gabriel abandoned Halconia.

Halconia became the refuge of Daragit and his Ravenas after their downfall at the hands of Almiro and Gabriel. Upon the return of Rafael, son of former King Rasmus of Halconia, he was immediately recognized as the new king by the Ravenas, with the assistance of his aunt Rashana, who acknowledged their kinship.

After the deaths of the leaders Rashana, Rafael and most of the Ravenas, Halconia is now deserted kingdom as Uwak-ak and Siklab are the remaining Ravenas left.

Version differences

  • There is no mention of Halconia in Encantadia 2005 series. Only Avila was expressly mentioned especially Danaya and Lira sought temporary refuge in the domain of Lord Dakila.
  • In Mulawin the Movie, Sang'gre Pirena proceeded to Halconia to resurrect Lord Ravenum from death. Lireo and Avila forged an alliance to defeat Ravenum, the Buwarka, and his remaining forces.


  • Halconia is filmed and shot at Calinawan Cave in Tanza, Cavite. This is the same location that was filmed and shot as a setting of the kingdom of Hathoria in Encantadia 2005-2006 series.

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