Hadezar[1] (Enchan for From the afterlife) refers to the ivtre (spirits) from Balaak who had returned to Encantadia. As they were already dead, they cannot be killed; any wound they receive would simply regenerate. If knocked down, they would rise up in a matter of seconds. They were released by Hagorn from Balaak, in order to retaliate against the Diwatas for annihilating his Hathor army.

The weapons of the Hadezar are made of Balaak metal, which no mortal could wield.[2]

Hadezars have the smell of decomposing flesh. Worms fall off from them, and Pashneas great and small flee from their presence. They feel cold to the touch.[3] They could cause goosebumps even for brave beings such as Amihan.[4] Some Hadezars have greyed hair and black veins on their faces, such as Asval, Hitano[5] and Amarro.[6]

The Hadezars have some weaknesses:

  • According to Emre, if the Mother Gem had not been divided, it would have been able to counter the Hadezar. Emre also stated that only if the four daughters of Minea will reconcile and unify the shards from the Mother Gem, they can defeat the Hadezar and Hagorn for good.
  • They can be killed by the deities.[7]
  • A Hadezar/Ivtre can kill or wound another Hadezar/Ivtre.[8]

The Hadezars were exterminated by the ivtres of Amihan and Kahlil, leaving only three: Hitano, Amarro and Asval. Amarro and Asval later received the blood of Ether, which would turn them from Hadezars to living Encantados. [9] This would leave Hitano as the last surviving Hadezar, until his full conversion into an ivtre to be sent to Devas.

Given enough time,[10] the undead characteristics of a Hadezar, such as grey hair, black veins on the face, the stench of death, and deeper-than-usual voice, would fade, retaining only the power of ivictus and inability to die due to wounds inflicted by non-ivtres.

Hadezars were utilized by Hara Duri-e Cassiopea of Lireo to be part of the chosen saviors' first trial - to ensure they won't get caught or killed by the Hadezars.[11]

The Hadezars are provided by Arde upon taking over of Devas.


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