Etherian is a race of Encantados that lived in the Kingdom of Etheria, in far western Encantadia. They are the worshipers of Bathalumang Ether who made them prosper.

All Etherian population, as well as Queen Avria were all destroyed by the combined forces of Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria and Adamya.

Evades is the only surviving Etherian left who guards the Tree of Life. However sometime after the War for the Gems, Ether resurrects Avria from her corpse.

Avria claims that the Etherians formed the first civilization, and the power of voice is one of their abilities.[1]

Corpse Evanescence

The bodies of Etherian soldiers disappear when they die. Since there is no mention of a curse about this point, it is possible that this is a side effect of their time displacement.

Notable figures

Etherian royalty


Other Etherians



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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Episode 195. It is implied that Avria mentions the former Herans from their respective subdivisions/tribes, who were the different parents of Andora, Juvila and Odessa respectively, when Avria is about to summon Juvila and Odessa through the Portal of the Past. In the original version, they were Hera Barkus of Sensa, father of Andora; Hera Cilatus of Volo, father of Juvila; and Hera Asnan of Aega, mother of Odessa.

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