Laban is the thirty-eighth episode of Encantadia. It aired on September 7, 2016.


Anthony was forced to demote Mila to janitress. Pirena fails to make Danaya surrender the Earth Gem. Pirena reveals herself as a traitor by making an unjustified attack, but Danaya escapes from her. Amihan orders Aquil to reinvestigate Danaya's case. Berto blackmails Mila to agree to his demands.

Chapter 22 (continued)

Mira said it would be better if Aquil would be the one to bring Danaya to the human world. Amihan asked why Mira does not want Pirena to do it. Amihan said Pirena is their sister, so she should be the one to escort Danaya. Mira was about to object again, so Amihan asked if she has a reason for it.

Gurna told Pirena that if she is her, she would spy on Mira so she can stop her in case she informs Amihan of her plans. Pirena said she should not think ill of her daughter, and should go to Hagorn instead to give him her messages.

Amihan tells Mira that she knows she is also worried about her Ashti Danaya. Amihan said Mira should not worry because she did not take the Earth Gem, which Danaya could use to protect herself in the human world. Amihan asked Mira if she is still worried. Mira shook her head. Amihan embraced Mira and told her not to think much of it.

Danaya was walking to and fro. Aquil and Muros entered her cell. Danaya asked what Amihan said about her request for reinvestigation. Aquil said that the decision is final. Danaya said that her punishment has become a reality, and she will be exiled to the human world. Pirena arrived, and said she'll be the one to escort Danaya there.

Mila approached Anthony after the end of his meeting, and apologized to him for her blunder earlier. Mila said she was only new so she was still confused about some things, and had not thought that she would overlook some of the papers. Anthony said it was all his fault for giving her a position which she does not know. He said that if he is the big boss, he could have let it pass. The Head Janitor, Tom, arrived and asked if Anthony had called for him. Anthony said that starting from that day, Mila would work for Mr. Tom, as janitress. Mila asked if she would be transferred. Dina arrived and asked if she did not expect demotion after her blunder. Anthony stopped Dina and told Mila that she still needs a job. Mila agreed and said she would accept. She also thanks him for not firing her. Anthony told Tom to take care of her. Dina said it was great that Anthony put Mila in her place. Dina said she should do better, but wondered if she might be inept even as a janitress. When Dina left, Tom said Dina was mean. Mila said she thought she was the only one to notice. She also said she wanted to make Dina fly with her powers. Tom said she was a joker. He taught her what she would have to do for her new job.

Pirena told Danaya that she is sad about what happened to her, and all she can do is to escort her to her place of exile. Aquil wished to accompany them, but Pirena said she could do it by herself. Aquil put Danaya's shackles. Danaya told Pirena to do what she wanted to do, for she had proven that she could not rely on her or Amihan. Pirena told her to be silent. When Pirena and Danaya have left, Aquil said farewell to Danaya, until their next meeting.

Hagorn asked Gurna what Pirena had ordered her to do. Gurna said Pirena wanted him to prepare, because Pirena and Danaya are about to go to the human world.

Pirena opens the Portal of Asnamon with its key, and takes Danaya to the human world.

Gurna said that once Pirena had taken Danaya to the human world, she will execute her plans against her. Gurna said Pirena advised Hagorn to prepare, because the rebellion against Amihan will begin upon her return. Hagorn was glad that he'll have what he had longed for so long. Hagorn ordered Agane to prepare the Hathors. Agane asked what Gurna is planning against Danaya. Hagorn asked if that still has to be asked. He laughed.

At the human world, Danaya told Pirena that she did not expect that Pirena and Amihan would let her be exiled to the human world. Pirena said she regrets it. Danaya repeated that she did not wrong, and Lireo has another enemy that has shape-shifting ability. Pirena said she also did not like what is happening, but she could do nothing except to obey the order of their sister the queen. Danaya told Pirena to tell Amihan that even though she did not believe her, she still loves her. Danaya said that even though they have disagreements, she has never lost her love for Pirena as well. Danaya declares that she'll remain loyal to Amihan and her government, and to Lireo. Pirena told her not to worry, because her words will reach Amihan. Danaya thanked her, and asked to be released from her shackles, before she returned to Encantadia. Pirena drew her sword, and said that Danaya should first hand over her gem.

Danaya asked why she would do that. Pirena said it is their sister's will. Danaya took out the Earth Gem.

Aquil told Amihan that she should have taken Danaya's gem, for its power needed to remain within Encantadia. Amihan told Aquil that she did not take the Earth Gem because she believes that Danaya is innocent. Amihan said she only followed what the Konseho wanted because she could not prove Danaya's innocence. She tells Aquil to reinvestigate so that they could learn if Danaya really committed a crime. Aquil happily accepted the order.

Pirena told Danaya to surrender the Earth Gem in the queen's name. Danaya hid the Earth Gem, saying that if she handed it over, it would be like she admitted to the crimes she did not do. Pirena gets angry and attacks Danaya. Danaya gets wounded.

Akesha wakes up from her dream, and called Danaya's name. Berdano came and asked her what happened. She asked if they knew a person named Danaya, but Berdano denied that they knew anyone with that name. Berdano suggested that it was a figment of her imagination, and told her to sleep again.

Mila returns home. Muyak said she had a long face, even though she should be happy with her new job. Mila wished that is the case, but she humiliated herself on her first day and disappointed Anthony. Muyak told Mila that she need not toil, for she is a princess. Mila said that is true in Encantadia, but not in the human world, where she cannot even reveal who she truly is. Muyak said that is because it is dangerous, for people like Berto could use her powers to do bad things. Mila said that she really needs to work then, for her family in the human world.

Gurna was glad to find Mira, saying that she had been looking for her for some time. Mira sends the other damas away. Mira told Gurna that she should be addressed in her real name. Gurna said her name is "Lira," the name of the daughter of the Queen of Lireo, and she has no other name. Mira said she does not believe it. Gurna looked around, and said that her name is "Mira." Mira said it meant "ore,"[1] while "Lira" meant "diamond." Mira thinks it is only appropriate, because she is not the true heir of Lireo. Gurna asked why Mira is complaining, for she will eventually become queen of Lireo. Mira said she is not happy, because her mother is only using her to deceive the queen of diwatas. Gurna told her to shut up, but Mira said she'll only do that if Gurna told her where the real Lira is. Gurna said she doesn't know. Mira threatened to hurt Gurna, but she said she really has no answer. Gurna told Mira not to be moved by the information she learns, and she should not ruin the plans of her mother, who is only thinking of her welfare. Gurna said the Encantados in the palace would hate Mira if they learned the truth. She advised Mira to shut up, for it would not help Pirena if she would add to the trouble.

Muyak said Mila is still a princess, and that would not change even if they are in the human world, for she is the daughter of the queen of diwatas, and not of Amanda. Muyak asked why Mila has to help an earthling. Mila said it's because of gratitude, and because she loves her. Mila said that since Amanda had treated her as a true daughter ever since she was a child, she cannot forsake her. Muyak told Mila that she'll have to leave Amanda eventually, when they have to return to Encantadia. Mila said they should not talk about that, because it would not even happen. Mila thinks it is improbable that they'll ever be able to return to Encantadia, so they should not hope for it too much.

Danaya asked if the queen had also ordered Pirena to harm her. Pirena said that if Danaya would not hand over her gem, then it's better if she kills her. A gem battle between the Fire Gem of Pirena and Earth Gem of Danaya followed, with Danaya mainly on the defensive. Pirena took out the Water Gem to gain some advantage. Danaya calls Pirena traitor. Danaya was knocked down as Pirena used the power of two gems against her.

Danaya says she knows why Alena is missing now, and Pirena had a hand in it. Pirena said she knows she will get Danaya's gem eventually, even if Danaya gives her a hard time. Danaya asked Pirena how she could have hurt their sister Alena. Pirena said she doesn't really want to kill Danaya, and asked her again to give up her gem. Danaya sent a shockwave that knocked Pirena down. Danaya took the chance to escape.

Muros told Aquil that he had seen what Danaya had done.[2] Alira Naswen wonders about one thing - the loss of Imaw's staff. Muros thinks that Danaya had done it. Alira Naswen said she had seen the Sang'gre speaking to some damas about the loss of the staff, and believes that Danaya is genuinely worried about it and uninvolved in its loss. Aquil said he'll continue his investigation with the farmers, for he believes, and will prove, that Danaya is innocent. When Aquil and Muros have left, Gurna asked if Alira Naswen has other ideas. Alira Naswen thinks that there is an impostor acting as Danaya, and she wants to tell the others. Gurna stopped her, saying that no one had yet proven that such a person exists. Alira Naswen agreed with Gurna.

Pirena told Danaya that if she gives up her gem, she promises that she will leave her alive. Danaya, hiding behind a tree, told Pirena that she will never have her gem. Danaya transformed into a dog. Pirena saw it leave and later realized that it was Danaya.

Aquil asked one of the farmers why they seemed afraid to talk. One of them answered that the others were angry with Sang'gre Danaya, and they'll get angry with those who still doubt her guilt. Aquil asked why they had doubts. The farmer said that his daughter saw Danaya burning their things; there was fire in her cloth, but she managed to hold it and throw it away. The farmer said Hathors are the only ones who could do that, as far as they know. Aquil said he needs to tell the queen about it, because it might convince the Konseho of Danaya's innocence. Gurna kills the farmer with a dart.

Gurna tries to kill Aquil with another dart, but he managed to evade it. However, he fails to track down the assailant.

Danaya the Dog continues to flee from Pirena. Pirena shouted for Danaya to come out. Some human passersby stared at Pirena, but she sent them away. Danaya transformed back into her real form and healed herself with the Earth Gem. Danaya resolves to inform Amihan of the truth.

Berdano locks the doors and closes the windows, so that burglars would not enter their house again. Akesha wondered who those people were. Berdano said that whoever they were, they should never return, because he would kill them.

Berto's friends complain because Berto did not tell them that Akesha was good at "karate." Berto said he did not know those two could fight, and he regrets not having been able to take the gold, which was already in his hands. Berto said they'll still be able to take the gold, because he knows of someone who could enter the house and take the gold without being noticed. Mila arrived and told Berto that Amanda is looking for him. Berto said he'd follow.

On her return to Encantadia, Pirena informed Gurna that she failed to get Danaya's gem, and she managed to escape. Gurna said they have other problems, since Aquil is reinvestigating the accusations against Danaya, because he and Amihan do not believe that Danaya is guilty. Gurna said that whatever Pirena is planning, it must be executed immediately. Pirena agreed, and said it should be done before Danaya finds either Amihan's true daughter or Alena.

Before Mila could enter their house, Berto stopped her and asked for a favor. Mila rejected it outright, because she is sure that it is illegal. Berto said that if she did not agree to it, he'll show her video to others - the one here she used her super speed to save Anthony. Berto asked what other people would think when they learn what Mila truly is.


  1. Tingga
  2. Her rampage during the trial, and her subsequent rudeness.

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  1. To prevent confusion, episode summaries will never refer to Mira as Lira, even though she would be called as such by the people of Encantadia.
  2. Names in single-quotes refer to characters who have shape-shifted, pretending to be somebody else.
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