Kalayaan is the one hundred second episode of Encantadia. It aired on December 6, 2016.


Amihan told Aquil to order the damas and some other Encantadas to remove all traces of Hathor rule, so that they could restore everything in their former condition. Danaya said they should look for LilaSari in order to recover Alena's gem from her. Amihan said she knows where they would go, and would take care of that, as soon as they are certain that Lireo is safe.

LilaSari's group arrived at Ayleb. Their old comrades were happy to see them. LilaSari said she was glad to see them again, and asked if the camp is still open for her and the ones with her. One of the women said that the camp never closed, and welcomed LilaSari.

Amihan teleported to Sapiro. Imaw asked why she was the only one to return, and asked where the others were. Amihan said they remained in Lireo, for they succeeded in recovering it from Hagorn and the Hathors. Imaw was glad, and Wantuk led a cheer. Amihan told them to pack their possessions, so that they could return to Lireo, their true home. Amihan ordered the Sapiryans and mandirigmas to remain there and keep guarding the place until Ybrahim returned. Wantuk repeated the orders. Imaw said he would call Paopao. Amihan told Imaw to summon Lira as well, for she would like to take Lira to Lireo. Wantuk said Lira was not there. He remembered that Lira followed Alena, but has not returned since then. Amihan said she did not see Lira in the battle, and wondered where Lira has gone.

Lira woke up, bound by a rope. Lira asked Gurna to release her. Gurna said that Lira is now the one begging, but she does not easily pity people. Lira said that was obvious. Gurna told her not to resist, for she will not be able to escape. Pirena appeared and commended Gurna for binding Lira. Gurna asked what happened to Lireo. Pirena said Lireo has fallen to the hands of Amihan. Lira celebrates, so Pirena told her to shut up.

Amihan told Aquil to report on the condition of Lireo. Aquil said he had posted guards all around the place, even at the defensive fort, but their soldiers are not enough. Amihan said that with the palace recovered, they would be able to recruit diwatas more easily, and ordered Muros to take charge of that.

Pirena blames Lira because she was not able to join the battle. Pirena decides to kill Lira, but failed due to a protective barrier. Pirena asked what kind of power she has, to render her weapon ineffective, and what kind of Encantada she is. Lira said it was not the first time that she tried to do that, and despite having attempted it several times before, she never managed to harm her. Pirena asked what she is talking about. Lira said they will not be able to remember due to Ether's curse. Lira told Pirena that she has powers, for she has the same blood as hers. Lira said they should release her. Pirena said she does not understand what she is saying, and she should shut up. Pirena tells Gurna to keep Lira captive until they have ascertained where she came from and who she really is. Pirena teleported away.

Ybrahim and Alena arrived in Lireo. Amihan asked where they had been. Alena said they came from Hathoria; Hagorn has returned there, and no longer has her gem. Amihan said they already knew where her gem is. Amihan told Alena not to worry, because she will recover it from LilaSari. Alena said Amihan need not help her. Amihan said Alena has no power to fight LilaSari, so she can do nothing but rely on her. Ybrahim thanked Amihan for what she will do for Alena. Amihan said that with the diwata rule restored in Lireo, Ybrahim would probably be returning to Sapiro. Ybrahim affirmed it, saying that it is his home. Alena said he would not go there alone, for she will accompany him. Danaya asked if Alena would choose Sapiro instead of Lireo. Alena said she is more needed there. Danaya asked if that is the real reason, or if she just doesn't wish to be with them anymore. Amihan told Danaya to stop, and to let Alena be. Amihan blessed Alena and Ybrahim, so that they would reach Sapiro safely. Amihan left. Alena told Ybarro that they should leave, but he said he forgot to tell the queen something. Ybarro left and followed Amihan. Danaya told Alena to remain there, because she wished to talk to her.

Amihan went to the balcony of her palace. Ybrahim approached her.

Alena asked Danaya what she wanted from her. Danaya said she knew that Alena had feigned her forgiveness, and joined them only so that she could spy on them for Pirena. Danaya said she would not blame Alena for wishing to go with Ybrahim to Sapiro, because she herself does not wish to be with her either, not knowing what else Alena could do against her and Amihan. Alena said that Amihan had already told her, which is why she was making insinuations earlier. Alena wondered why Danaya still healed her, if she already knew that she was a traitor. Danaya said she was not angry with her, and understood what she felt. Danaya prayed that Alena's hatred for her would eventually wane, for what she had done to Kahlil. Alena forbade Danaya from speaking Kahlil's name again, and left.

Amihan said she thought Ybrahim and Alena had already left. She asked why he was still there. Ybrahim said he had not yet congratulated her for her victory, and knew that she had desired it for a long time. Ybrahim said he is happy now that she had recovered Lireo, for she is truly worthy of its throne. Amihan was teary-eyed and said she would not have succeeded without his help. Amihan thanked him. Ybrahim said that even if he is in Sapiro, he will never leave her. Ybrahim told his beloved queen to always think that he'll be there for her. Amihan leaned her head on Ybrahim's chest. Ybrahim held Amihan's left hand and knelt on one knee before kissing it. Alena was teary-eyed as she saw this.

Alena spoke Ybarro's name. Ybrahim stood up. Alena said they had to leave. Ybrahim agreed and congratulated Amihan again. Amihan thanked him. Amihan told Alena to take care. The sisters embraced. Ybrahim wore his helm and looked at Amihan one last time before Alena teleported him away. Amihan gave way to her tears as the fireworks displayed over Lireo.

Wantuk went to the throne room of Sapiro. He wondered what the Sapiryan soldiers would do if he sat on the throne. Wantuk approached the throne of Sapiro and was instantly surrounded by the Sapiryan soldiers. Wantuk commended them and went away from the throne. Alena and Ybrahim appeared. Ybrahim asked Wantuk where their men were, because he wished to speak with them. Wantuk offered to lead him there. Ybrahim thanked him, kissed Alena's left hand, and followed Wantuk. Alena thinks that Ybrahim loves Amihan more than her now.

Pirena went to the forest and called for Cassiopea. Cassiopea appeared and said she does not know the Encantada she would ask her about. Pirena said she does not believe that the Eye could not see it, and mentioned Lira's name. Cassiopea said it was amusing, that there were already two of them who asked for Lira, but she does not know her. Cassiopea said there were many things she couldn't see anymore, and is sure that it was the handiwork of the goddess that lives in Encantadia. She apologized, saying she does not really know. Pirena said she knew that Cassiopea is referring to Bathalumang Ether, who had been mentioned by Lira. Pirena said she should be talking to Ether, and teleported away. Cassiopea then teleports away.

Agane offered Hagorn a drink that would accelerate his recovery, so that they could leave the war tent and return to Hathoria. Hagorn pushed the cup away and said they will not leave, because they will return to recover Lireo. Agane said she could feel Hagorn's anger, had not imagined that Amihan would be able to retake Lireo, and that Hagorn's wife would betray him.

Hitano approached LilaSari and told her to rest. LilaSari asked how she can do that, when she knows that numerous enemies pursue her and her gem. Hitano noted that both Amihan and Hagorn knew where that camp is, and either of them could come there one day. LilaSari said they must find another camp where they could not be found — a camp that could protect them. Hitano held her face, told her not to think of all those now, and rest because she needed it. Hitano said he'll keep watch. LilaSari said Hitano had been good to her from the start. LilaSari thanked Hitano and pressed her cheek against his.

Hagorn said that if not for LilaSari, Amihan's attack would not have succeeded. Hagorn says he yearns for LilaSari's neck, so he could break it. Agane said there is a time for that, and for fighting Amihan as well. Hagorn said he could not wait for that time, and would not give his enemies repose.

Hitano was about to kiss LilaSari when she felt pain in her left hand. The talulot symbol had appeared therein. Mayca and Kaizan approached her. Mayca said LilaSari is pregnant, but observed that only Sang'gres would have that mark. LilaSari wondered how that happened, since she is no Sang'gre. Mayca said it was bad timing, but she is bearing Hagorn's child.

Pirena appeared in Old Etheria before Ether. Ether asked what Pirena wanted from her. Pirena said that aside from Cassiopea, Ether is the most powerful in Encantadia, and believes that she knows who Lira is, where she came from and why she has mysterious powers. Ether said she would not tell Pirena, and told her to go away. Pirena said those words intrigue her. Ether said she no longer wished to talk to her, and breathed fire but Pirena had escaped.

LilaSari said her union with Hagorn had borne fruit. Mayca said it was the reason why she had a symbol in her palm. Hitano said it was good news, and congratulated her. Hitano bowed and left. Mayca told LilaSari that though she did not love Hagorn, it was still good news to have a child. LilaSari said she did not need a child, and does not wish to have it with Hagorn. Mayca told her not to think of it as Hagorn's child, but as her child, and one who will have power like her, and like its father. Mayca said it would be of great help to her and to all of them in dominating Encantadia. Mayca said her child would be her strongest ally against Hagorn and the Sang'gres.

Pirena returned to her camp. Gurna asked Pirena if she obtained information as to why the Encantada has powers like a Sang'gre. Pirena said she did not, but knows that Ether knows many things about her. Gurna said that the goddess knows her then. Pirena said Ether knows her but refused to say. Pirena said she wished to believe Lira now, that she is Amihan's daughter and their memory of her had been removed by Ether. Gurna said that would be a great folly until proven, and they have many other things to face. Pirena said she would be no match for Amihan, Hagorn or LilaSari, but she might get an ace up her sleeve if she managed to discover the secret of Ether and the Encantada.

Danaya welcomed Imaw and the others to Lireo. Imaw said that what Amihan said is true that they had regained Lireo. Danaya said that they succeeded through Emre's guidance. Amihan observed that Lira is not with them. Imaw said she was not there when they left Sapiro, and they did not see her during their travel. Imaw wondered where Lira went.

Pirena removed the ropes from Lira. Lira asked her if she was dreaming. Pirena asked Lira if she is really Amihan's daughter. Lira told her that Ether knows, so she should be the one Pirena should ask. Pirena said Ether does not want to say, so Lira must prove that what she says is true. Pirena told her to prepare, for she will take her to the goddess Ether. They then teleported away.



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  1. To prevent confusion, episode summaries will never refer to Mira as Lira, even though she would be called as such by the people of Encantadia.
  2. Names in single-quotes refer to characters who have shape-shifted, pretending to be somebody else.
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