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Bihag is the one hundred first episode of Encantadia. It aired on December 5, 2016.


The episode opens with Ybrahim, greeting the Hathors before leading an attack against them at the entrance of the palace of Lireo. Aquil, Muros and their other soldiers poured in, attacking the Hathors left and right.

Meanwhile, in the throne room, Agane opens the box and noticed that there is nothing except for a small animal, that transforms into Danaya. Danaya and the bandidos attack the Hathors in the throne room, while Amihan appeared beside Hagorn and blasted him with her power that Hagorn dodged. Hagorn attacked Amihan with the power from the Fire Gem but Amihan teleports away. He then ordered his soldiers to secure LilaSari.

Hagorn later noticed that Amihan and Danaya were no longer there. Agane shouts, challenging Amihan to appear. Hagorn says they are no longer there, because he could no longer feel them.

Ybrahim's forces overcome the Hathor resistance at the entrance. Muros pulled down the stone tablet symbolizing Hathor rule. Their soldiers cheered and poured inside the palace.

A Hathor soldier reports to Hagorn the enemy attack led by Ybarro and the diwata soldiers. Hagorn ordered Agane to make sure that they will not be able to enter. Agane asked what would be done with the Sang'gres, but Hagorn said he'll take care of it and left the throne room.

Alena says she has no time for Lira, and tells Gurna to take care of her. Alena teleported away. Lira knocked Gurna out with a hit to the nose.

Alena teleports to the palace of Lireo during the confusion of battle. She encountered a Hathor soldier and stole his sword before killing him.

Alena went to the throne room. She was greeted by Vardos, who thought she would be helping them. But Alena was only looking for Hagorn and left when she did not see him.

Amihan and Danaya were in another area of the palace. Danaya wondered if it was right to avoid Hagorn. Amihan said Ybrahim and his men would be able to enter the palace more easily if they fought the Hathors inside. Amihan said they will engage Hagorn at the right time, when he doesn't have many underlings with him. Danaya shouted "Enemies!" when she saw LilaSari with some Hathors.

Pirena and Gurna wake up. Pirena noticed that they were tightly bound by a rope, and demanded that Lira release them. Lira apologized, saying she cannot do that since they will pester her mother if she allowed them to leave. Gurna asked who the mother she was referring to was, and since when the former queen of diwatas become her mother. Lira told her not to ask, since she would not believe anyway. Pirena said that Lira should release them then, or else she would pay for it. Lira said she knew Pirena would punish her, but she cannot allow Pirena to fool her mother again. Lira told Pirena to reflect and repent, so that she could be a better person. Pirena says she will kill Lira once she escaped, but Lira ignored her.

Back in Lireo, Amihan and Danaya slew Hathors in the area they occupied. They crossed their weapons and teleported away thereafter.

LilaSari approached Mayca and Kaizan. Mayca asked if it was true that they were under attack. LilaSari said it was true, and that they need to profit from it somehow, and ordered Mayca to get her weapons. LilaSari directed some passing Hathors to the location of Amihan and Danaya. LilaSari ordered Kaizan to find Asval, to fight not for Hagorn, but for the queen. LilaSari told Mayca to accompany her to Hagorn, saying they should get to him before Amihan and Danaya did.

Lira entered Pirena's tent. Pirena shouted that Lira release them, but gets ignored. Pirena told Gurna to do something to release themselves. Lira pities Pirena's quarters, despite her being the most ambitious. Pirena's tugs chokes Gurna, who complained. Lira saw some fruits from Pirena's bag and took some. She also saw a sketch of Alena and Pirena, and was relieved that Pirena still has some love remaining for her sisters.

Hagorn entered the armory of Lireo, thinking that Amihan and Danaya would go there first. LilaSari and Mayca entered the room. Hagorn asked them if they saw Amihan and Danaya, wondering why they do not show themselves to him. LilaSari said she saw them in the corridors, and they were being fought by his soldiers.

Amihan and Danaya teleport to another area of the palace and fight another bunch of Hathors. Agane arrives and tells them that Lireo is no longer theirs. Amihan said she would retake it then. The sisters fight Agane, who withdrew.

Hagorn told LilaSari and Mayca not to leave the room, so that they would not be harmed. LilaSari said she would do just that. Hagorn kissed her hand and turned to leave. Mayca pretended to ask a question, when suddenly LilaSari stabbed Hagorn at the side of his back. Mayca also blocked Hagorn's path with her sword. Hagorn took out the Fire Gem and knocked Mayca down with a blast. LilaSari kept her hold on him, and said that it is time for him to know that she did not love him from the very start.

Lira asked if Pirena and Gurna were hungry. Pirena simply told her to quit calling her Ashti, since they are not related. Gurna turned her head away from Lira. Lira did not insist on giving them food. Pirena said that Amihan is probably fighting right now, so she would need her help. Pirena told Lira to release her now, so she can save her queen. Lira told Pirena not to fool her, because she already knows her modus operandi of pretending to be good.

Back at Lireo, Ybrahim, Aquil and Muros found Amihan and Danaya. Ybrahim told Amihan that it was time to recover Lireo for her. Their group fought a wave of Hathors.

Hagorn calls LilaSari and Mayca traitors. Mayca rose up. Alena arrived, listening behind the door. LilaSari challenged Hagorn to use his gem without getting hurt. Hagorn switched the Fire Gem with the Water Gem, and ordered it to take the water flowing in his wife's body but LilaSari cut him off by pressing her knife deeper, and told Hagorn that if she dies, she will make sure that he dies as well.

Lira asked Pirena why she was after power, when she already had an all-important power. Pirena asked what that is. Lira said it was the daughter she left, Mira. Pirena and Gurna looked at each other, then Pirena looked at Lira again.

Amihan and Ybrahim helped each other fight against the Hathors.

Hagorn asked LilaSari what she wanted. LilaSari demanded one of his gems. LilaSari promised that he would be able to get out alive if he gives the gem.

Pirena asked how Lira met Mira. Lira said she just knew, and asked her if her conscience does not bother her that she ignores the most important gem that she herself made. Lira said that Pirena was not only a bad sister, but also a bad mother, who lets her only daughter live alone in the human world. Pirena calls Lira insolent and told her that she would not only kill her, but will also make her suffer. Lira said that what she says is true, because Pirena does not care for the people she should be loving, and would not be happy as long as she acts like that. Pirena told her to shut up.

Amihan told Ybrahim, Aquil and Muros to take care of their enemies, and took Danaya with her to find Hagorn.

LilaSari told Hagorn to give her the gem he is holding. Hagorn told her to take it. LilaSari said he cannot fool him and said he must order the gem to go to her.

Danaya shouted for Hagorn to show himself. Danaya and Amihan encountered three Hathor troops. Two were slain and Amihan asked the remaining one to tell them where his king is. Amihan promised not to kill him if he tells her.

Hagorn said that he knew from the start that LilaSari has some greed in her, but did not imagine that it would be directed against him. LilaSari said that if Hagorn had been good to her, she could have been his ally, but it was not to be. LilaSari demanded the gem again, and Hagorn told her to take it. Alena entered the room, and crossed swords with Mayca. Alena told him to stop, saying that he cannot give a gem that he had only stolen from her. Alena demanded that Hagorn give the gem to her instead.

The Hathor told Amihan that Hagorn is in the armory. Amihan told him to leave before she changed her mind. But when two more Hathors arrived, they decided to attack again. Danaya said it was really hard to talk to Hathors. With their combined powers they instantly slew the Hathors with a blast.

Hagorn said that the gems are really attractive, which is why everyone wishes to keep it for oneself. Alena demands the gem. LilaSari tells Hagorn that his life depends on her, so he should give it to her. Alena told LilaSari that she has no right to a gem allotted to her. Asval arrives and disarms Alena, slicing her at the neck. Asval raised his sword against Hagorn.

Pirena told Lira she would give whatever she wanted. Lira observed that Pirena had been very angry with her just before, and told them that they would not be able to escape. Hitano hit Lira at the neck, knocking her out. Pirena demanded that Hitano release them. Hitano said he will help her, even though she had tried to kill him before.

Hagorn curses Asval, saying that he was right in suspecting that he was a traitor. LilaSari said there would be two of them who will kill him if he refused to give her the gem.

Hitano asked Pirena how she got captured, but Pirena said there is no time to explain, since Lireo is already under attack. Pirena and Hitano teleport away. Gurna said she will avenge herself on Lira.

LilaSari urged Hagorn to give up the gem. Hagorn told her to stop, and said that he is transferring the gem to her. LilaSari pulled the knife from his body as the Water Gem transferred to her hand. LilaSari released an energy blast and Hagorn was knocked down. The anti-ivictus barrier was dispelled. Asval said it is time to leave, for the Sang'gres should not know that she already has one of the gems.

Pirena and Hitano appeared at a place where diwata corpses were. Hitano said they are too late, because a battle had already been fought there. Hitano and Pirena fought off an oncoming wave of Hathor soldiers.

Hagorn rose up. Amihan arrived in the armory, and Hagorn fought her with an energy blast. Amihan was losing until Danaya arrived and helped her, which knocked Hagorn down. Danaya went to Alena. Hagorn fired an energy blast at Amihan, and then Danaya, knocking them out. He left the room. Ybrahim arrived and woke Amihan. Amihan worried about Alena, so Ybrahim went to her, and saw her gravely wounded. Danaya healed Alena with the Earth Gem. Alena woke up and looked for Hagorn and LilaSari. Danaya said they already escaped. Alena asked why they let them escape, and asked them if her gem had been obtained by LilaSari. Amihan said they did not know. Alena said she had to get her gem back. Alena left the room and Ybrahim followed her.

Axilom, Asval, LilaSari, Mayca and Kaizan saw Pirena and Hitano fighting Hathors. LilaSari killed the Hathors with a single blast from the Water Gem.

Aquil arrived and told Amihan that they should recover the main hall. Aquil, Amihan and Danaya left the room.

Pirena observed that LilaSari now has the Water Gem, and inferred that she got it from her father. LilaSari said she did, and apologized for what she will do. Pirena teleported away before LilaSari's water blast hit her. Hitano led LilaSari's party away. Pirena reappeared and walked to the direction where LilaSari came from.

Amihan, Danaya, Aquil and their soldiers go to the throne room and find some Hathors there. Amihan told Danaya they still have to clean up Lireo. Danaya agreed, saying that there are still pests in Lireo. Amihan told her troops to step back and conjured a tornado with the Air Gem which took the Hathors away. Aquil ordered the soldiers to search the entire palace and make sure that no Hathor remained. Danaya asked Amihan if they should worry about the gems held by Hagorn. Amihan said they should not yet think about items not in their possession, for there is a time for those.

Alena and Ybrahim follow the blood trail left by Hagorn. Alena says they might find what they are looking for, if they continue to follow the trail. Ybrahim told Alena that it is better to return to her sisters, since they would not be able to withstand Hagorn's power even if they managed to find him. Alena told him to return to Amihan if he wanted, but she will pursue Hagorn. When Alena left, Ybrahim followed.

Amihan asked Muros for a report. Muros said the Hathors have escaped, with some traitor diwatas. Amihan laughed, saying they were cowed, like their king. Aquil told her there is nothing to worry about, since she had recovered Lireo. Amihan asked Danaya if she is correct in thinking that the throne of Hagorn is inappropriate in Lireo, and red does not suit her throne. Danaya said they'll fix that, but she'll take care of Hagorn's throne. Danaya used the Earth Gem to break Hagorn's throne to pieces. Aquil congratulated the Sang'gres for having returned to their home. Muros and Aquil led the cheer.

Amihan sat on the throne of Lireo. Pirena appeared in their midst, saying that she congratulates them for their victory, especially Amihan. Danaya told her that she is not needed there, and may leave. Danaya ordered Pirena thrown out. Muros was about to take Pirena out, but Pirena wanted to know first what happened to her father, and where he is. Amihan happily told her that her father is not there, having escaped like a frightened pashnea.

Hagorn was aided by a Hathor as he escaped. He encountered Agane, who had anticipated that he will pass that way. Alena and Ybrahim caught up to them at last. Ybrahim told Alena that they should leave, because their lives would be in danger. Alena asked for some time, and appeared before Hagorn. The Hathors were alarmed, but Alena said she did not come to fight, but only wished to know where her gem is.

Pirena said no one thought Amihan could throw Hagorn out from Lireo. Pirena said she is not much amazed, since their victory may be attributed to LilaSari's treachery to her father. Amihan said she is happy that LilaSari had joined their efforts, and suggested that perhaps LilaSari had not been able to tolerate Hagorn any longer. Pirena asked if she is happy that LilaSari got Alena's gem. Amihan and Danaya suddenly lost their smiles.

Hagorn told Alena that her gem had been obtained by LilaSari. Alena asked why he gave it to his treacherous wife. Hagorn said it was something he would retake at the right time, and told her to get out of his way, if she still wished to live. The Hathors attacked Alena, but she already teleported away. Alena reappeared beside Ybrahim. She told him that Hagorn has lost her gem, but Ybrahim said he heard everything and they should return to Lireo.

Danaya asked Pirena what she is talking about. Pirena told them that LilaSari had taken the Water Gem from her father. Pirena told them to celebrate now, though LilaSari seemed to have outsmarted them. Pirena teleported and sat at the throne of Lireo. She said it suited her better. Danaya got angry and attacked her, but she already vanished.

Hagorn was aided by Agane and another Hathor as he escaped, while Ybrahim and Alena leave.

The episode concludes with Lireo, in peace.


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