Kasabwat is the one hundredth episode of Encantadia. It aired on December 2, 2016.


In Lireo, Pirena hid behind a pillar in the throne room. Asval and Axilom arrived. Asval looked for Agane, but the Hathor told him to follow. Hagorn, Agane and Mayca entered. Hagorn said he did not know how Pirena was able to enter, but he is sure that he managed to wound her. Asval greeted Hagorn. He said he had been summoned by Agane. Agane said she did not call for him. The Hathor said that Agane had asked for Asval earlier. Agane denied it. Hagorn said he knew now how Pirena was able to enter — by pretending to be Agane. Hagorn told Asval they needed to talk. Pirena vanished.

In Sapiro, Amihan said she really wanted to punish the traitor, but could not. Danaya asked why not — the cost of Alira Naswen's treachery is death, so the same punishment could be imposed on whomever Amihan accused. Amihan did not give a reason, and simply said that the attack is called off. Amihan ended the meeting and left. Danaya followed Amihan, and asked her to divulge who the second traitor is. Wantuk told Amihan to whisper the name to them, so that they would know. Danaya looked sternly at Wantuk. Amihan told Danaya not to worry, because that person will approach her to discuss it. When Amihan left, Wantuk repeated the clues and thought that Danaya might be the traitor. Danaya pinched the ear of Wantuk.

Lira prays again to the Lord, thanking him because even though her restoration had not been complete, at least there were some improvements. Lira believes that next time everybody would recognize her, especially her parents. Wahid approached Lira and smelled her. Lira noticed that he is smelling her hair and began punching him, calling him ill-mannered. Wahid restrained her, saying that he is only joking. Wahid stares at Lira's face. Paopao arrived and asked them what they were doing. Wahid let go of Lira. Paopao asked if they were kissing. Wahid asked what "kiss" meant, but Lira said she would kiss the ugliest and smelliest pashnea in Encantadia before she kissed Wahid. Lira told Wahid to stay away from her, and left. Paopao said Wahid was "basted."[1] Wahid denied that, but realized that he did not know what it meant.

Ybrahim and Alena approached Amihan. Ybrahim said her words troubled them; it was a serious charge, and could place them in danger if true. Ybrahim asked who she was referring to. Amihan told him to leave it to her and Alena. Ybrahim protested, saying he also wanted to know. Amihan told him not to worry, for she and Alena would make sure that the spy would not do any damage. Amihan asked him to leave them. Ybrahim said he would rely on her words, and left. Alena said Amihan could now tell her who the traitor is. Amihan slapped her for having the guts to ask, for she herself is the traitor. Alena denied it, but Amihan said she followed her earlier, and saw her go to Pirena to divulge all her plans. Amihan told her to explain, for she betrayed not only her and Danaya, but also Ybrahim, whom she claimed to still love. Lira arrived and listened.

Pirena returned back to her camp. Gurna approached and asked what happened to her. Pirena said Hagorn almost managed to inflict a mortal wound.

In LireoHagorn told Asval that Pirena was looking for him there, and asked what she needed from him. Asval said he did not know, because he had no communications with Pirena ever since she was driven away. Hagorn said that of all the things, he did not like being deceived. Asval said he would not do that, even if it cost him his life. Hagorn said he would accept that, and permitted him to leave. Asval thanked him, and left with Axilom. Hagorn told Agane to spy on Asval, to ascertain his loyalty.

Back in SapiroAmihan told Alena to confess. Alena said she had nothing to admit, for they will not understand. Amihan said she will let her lie, but now she knows who she really is, and that it is not true that Alena wished to reconcile with them. Amihan told her not to worry, because she will tell neither Danaya nor Ybrahim, because she did not want them to get hurt because of her deception. Amihan wished that nothing would be added to her faults, and that nobody would get hurt because of her, because if that happened, she will lose her basis for blaming Danaya for the death of her son — because she herself would have done them wrong. Amihan saw Lira when she went out; Lira let her pass. Alena wept and left.

Imaw approached Lira to confirm if she was the same as the goat-like Encantada who had been there before. Lira confirmed it. Imaw said she was beautiful, but she seemed sad. Lira said she is thinking why there are sisters who fight among themselves, betraying each other. Lira said she grew up alone and was jealous of those who had siblings, but some of those who had siblings try to kill each other. Lira asked why that is. Imaw said he knew of people like that. Imaw also said that love has probably left their hearts. Lira asked if love could really be lost.

In LireoAgane went out and asked Asval what Pirena really wanted from him. Asval told her to believe that he did not really know. Agane told him that Hagorn has become suspicious of him, so he should be more careful in his actions. Agane said she could no longer ensure his safety if he made a mistake. Asval thanked her, saying that what she had said was enough. Dagtum told Asval that Pirena would endanger them. Asval cursed Pirena.

Back in Sapiro, Imaw conceded that love may not be lost, but it could be buried beneath resentment, anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions, that clog the heart and immerse an individual in darkness if not removed. Imaw said when those emotions are removed, love will revive, and reconciliation will follow. Lira said that she should help the queen, and she will pave the way for the reconciliation of the sisters to reestablish peace in Encantadia. Imaw was incredulous. Lira knelt and said she would do anything for the queen, because she really loved her. Imaw said he did not know how it could be done, but prayed that Emre would bless her. Lira thanked Imaw, who bowed to her.

Gurna treated Pirena's wound. Alena appeared. Pirena asked why she returned. Alena said Amihan had learnt of her spying, and had scrapped her plan to attack Lireo. Pirena asked if Amihan hurt her. Alena said she did not, and did not even tell the others about it. Pirena told her not to feel remorse, for Amihan will certainly make her pay. Alena said that was not Amihan's nature. Pirena asked what she knows of Amihan's nature, reminding her that she and Ybarro had cheated her, so she should not let them deceive her again. Pirena is at a loss as to how they could overcome Hagorn now that Amihan had backed out. Gurna said they cannot do anything but to find another way.

At the meeting table, and standing before their usual seats, Ybrahim ordered Aquil to notify the bandidos that the attack had been called off. Amihan went to her place and asked where Alena is. Danaya said Alena has left, to stroll in the woods. Amihan stopped Aquil and Abog from leaving. Amihan told them to prepare, for the attack on Lireo will proceed. Ybrahim asked why she changed her mind. Aquil asked if there was a reason behind all of it. Amihan told them to trust her, because she knows what she is doing. Amihan said she had spoken to Alena and gave her orders, so Alena would not be included in the attack. Ybrahim said they would prepare, and told Aquil to tell the others that the plan will proceed. When Ybrahim and the others have left, Danaya asked why Amihan lied by claiming that she gave Alena orders. Amihan told her not to ask questions. Danaya asked if Alena is the traitor that Amihan had referred to. Lira asked how Danaya knew that. Amihan whispered that Lira should keep quiet. Amihan told Danaya that Alena is still angry over the death of Kahlil, so she is not in her right mind. Amihan added that Danaya should consider Alena to be in the same league as their traitorous sister Pirena, but they are still their sisters, so she should let them be.

Amihan tells the Sapiryan and diwata soldiers that Rehav (Prince) Ybrahim, Mashna Aquil and Muros have already gone to Lireo. Amihan said the troops already know what they had to do, and she trusts them. Lira handed Amihan's sword to her, and was about to ask her permission for something, but Amihan said she did not like what she did earlier, for telling Danaya what she had overheard. Lira apologized and said it would not happen again, and asked for permission to join the attack. Amihan said she should remain in Sapiro, with Imaw. Lira said she would get worried about her and the prince if she remained there, but could keep watch over them if she accompanied them. Amihan asked why she worries about them like that, even though she is a complete stranger whom they met only recently. Amihan asked what her ulterior motive is. Lira said she wished she could explain, but she knew that whatever she said would sound unbelievable. Lira told her to stay safe. Imaw arrived, having been summoned by Amihan earlier. Amihan said she wished to obtain his blessing. Imaw made her kneel, and using the Balintataw he gave his blessing, with his wish that she succeed in her enterprise against Hagorn, and that they all return from the attack unharmed, so that their victory would not be bittersweet. Amihan teleported with the soldiers.

Vardos and his bandidos arrived at the palace of Lireo and told Agane they have valuable items to offer to the king. Agane demanded that they open the chests firsts. Vardos had one of the chests opened. After that he asked if they could bring the chests inside. Agane observed that they seem to be in a hurry, but she wanted to see what were inside the other chests. The bandidos hesitated, but Vardos urged them to open the other chests.

Amihan disappeared before the bandidos opened the second chest, and reappeared when it was closed. Danaya did likewise with the third chest. Vardos asked if Agane was satisfied. Agane allowed them to bring the chests in.

Ybrahim, Aquil and Muros were watching from a distance. Ybrahim said that the plan had succeeded, and battle would commence moments from now. Ybrahim told Aquil and Muros to prepare. Aquil ordered Muros to tell the army to prepare. Muros left.

Meanwhile, Lira prayed to the Lord to take care of her parents and all who were with them, and to protect them from their enemies.

Alena arrived and asked Lira why she was the only one there. Wantuk arrived, saying that since Alena was still there, she would not be able to join the battle. Alena asked what battle he is referring to. Lira made signals to Wantuk to shut up, but he said that the attack against Lireo proceeded. An annoyed Alena teleported away. Lira punched Wantuk and pulled his cap over his eyes. Before Wantuk could fix his cap, Lira had teleported away.

Alena appeared in Pirena's camp. Lira appeared some distance away.[2] Alena told Pirena that Amihan had outwitted them, for she proceeded with the plan to attack Lireo. Pirena told Gurna to take her weapons, for they would follow them there. Pirena, Alena and Gurna were about to leave, but Lira appeared near them. Alena asked what folly she is doing. Lira told them that they cannot follow her mother and father; they cannot foil their plans, and they would not leave that place if they do not wish to get hurt.

In Lireo, Vardos wished that the king is now in a better condition. Hagorn said he is in a good condition, and asked what they had brought him. Vardos said they brought valuable items as proof of their homage to him, as king. Hagorn ordered them to open the chests. The bandidos opened the first box.

Pirena asked Alena who Lira is. Alena said she is a new recruit in Amihan's camp. Pirena told Lira not to intervene. She slashed at Lira, who vanished.

LilaSari approached the first chest and admired the fine fabric therein. Hagorn agreed, saying that it would suit LilaSari. Hagorn asked what the second chest contained, so it was opened. Amihan disappeared before the bandidos opened it. LilaSari observed that it was a large chest, but the contents were few. Vardos apologized, saying that if the box was full, it would be too heavy for his men. Agane saw the point, and said that it would have been easier if they brought a smaller chest. LilaSari thanked them nonetheless, and asked what the third chest contained. But Hagorn signaled them to halt. Hagorn asked if the third chest is also full, or if it was just like the second chest. Vardos looked at his men.

Pirena said it was puzzling why Lira could use ivictus. Alena said she did not know, but they must leave immediately. Lira reappeared and hit Pirena at the back of the head with a stick, knocking her out. Lira exchanged her stick with Pirena's sword and parried Gurna's attack. Lira dared them to approach.

Vardos told Hagorn that it is immaterial that the chests are not full. Hagorn insisted that he answer his original question about the fullness of the third chest. Vardos apologized, for it was like the second chest. Hagorn stopped him from explaining any further, saying that he already understood. Hagorn whispered to Agane that the third box contained a Sang'gre, and another one is already roaming free. Hagorn instructed her to stab as soon as the bandidos opened the third chest. Agane and the other Hathors approached it. LilaSari asked what is happening. Hagorn said it was nothing and told her to return to her throne. Hagorn ordered the third chest opened. Agane counted to three. Hagorn took out the Fire Gem. Agane was poised to strike, but saw no Sang'gre when the third chest was opened. Agane saw only a small pashnea, which she lifted from the box. The pashnea turned out to be Danaya, who greeted Agane and kicked her. The bandidos began attacking the Hathors. Amihan appeared near Hagorn and blasted him with wind.


  1. Rejected
  2. It is unknown how Lira achieved this feat, based on the known limitations of her ivictus ability (i.e. Did Lira know the place where Alena would go?)

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  1. To prevent confusion, episode summaries will never refer to Mira as Lira, even though she would be called as such by the people of Encantadia.
  2. Names in single-quotes refer to characters who have shape-shifted, pretending to be somebody else.
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