A Dream (in Filipino: Panaginip) is one of the means by which a Sang'gre could reproduce. According to Minea, this method has Emre's blessing.[1] It is possible that ordinary diwatas could also reproduce through dreams.[2]

Without Emre's help, a Sang'gre could choose a mate on her own, but must be physically close to him during the dream.[1][3] If Emre's aid is invoked, a white retre would be sent; the distance between the Sang'gre and her Encantado mate will not matter since the white retre will facilitate their interaction by linking their dreams together.[1]

During the dream, the Sang'gre and her mate will meet. If they press their palms together and they light up, then they would know that it was Emre's will.[2][1] According to Ybarro, the participants mate in the dream.[4]

It is also possible to conceive a child by the touching of hands, if the Sang'gre wills it.[5]

After a joint dream, conception could be immediate,[1] or could occur after some lapse of time.[6] This is manifested by the talulot symbol.

Sometimes dreams are utilized by the deities to forewarn their worshipers of possible dangers that can harm them personally, their beloved ones, or their home kingdom.


  • The dream in Episode 104 is rather irregular, due to the fact that there are more than two persons in the dream. Since the dream is in the concept of a power, it is unknown why an ordinary Encantado and Encantada should appear in it (ordinary Encantados do not have powers). Their only purpose seemed to be to make Amihan realize her true feelings, that she was yearning for Ybrahim; hence those Encantados may be considered phantom (unreal) beings only.


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