Dragons are enormous, winged reptilian creatures that roam the skies of Encantadia. The species is plentiful in Lireo and Adjantao, and also in Hathoria.

The banner of Hathoria features a dragon.

Dragons can be used as mounts.[1]

Dragons could also breath fire, though it is unknown if all dragons have this ability, or if such is limited to a subspecies of dragons.

Existing Species

Among the names of dragons, sub-species of it or related pashneas are:

Gilas mentioned that the argona don't usually fly at night because they are blind.[7] It is very unusual for an argona to fly during the night.

In Episode 50 of Mulawin vs. Ravena, Anya mentions about a Buwarka, a dragon which was resurrected by Ravenum. This Buwarka had been defeated by Tres Aves in the past.


The munch'ka are argonas that can be made as a pet. They have various forms and their population is found at Capade, otherwise known as the Island of Cassiopea.


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