"Ang mga Encantadang diwata ng Lireo"
[The enchanted fairies of Lireo]
Ang kwento ng 'Encantadia'

Diwata or fairy is a race of Encantados that live in the Kingdom of Lireo, in eastern Encantadia. They are sometimes called Lireano or Lirean.

The diwatas are the most important Encantado race in the series. All the Sang'gres belong to this race. Males serve in the army, while females serve as damas in the palace or as prison guards in Carcero. Other Lireans are farmers of the queen's lands.

Diwatas do not age in the same way that humans do. However, there is at least one known old-looking diwata, named Vita.[1]

Royal family

Main article: Sang'gre, Royal House of Lireo

Notable figures

Lirean royalty

  • Hara Cassiopea
    • Hara LilaSari, adopted daughter of Cassiopea
      • Deshna, daughter of LilaSari
  • Hara Demetria
    • Sang'gre Esmeralda, daughter of Demetria
      • Hara Minea, daughter of Esmeralda
        • Hara Pirena, daughter of Minea
          • Sang'gre Mira, daughter of Pirena
          • Unnamed Diwani, daughter of Pirena
        • Hara Amihan, daughter of Minea
          • Sang'gre Lira, daughter of Amihan
        • Hara Alena, daughter of Minea
          • Diwan Kahlil, son of Alena
          • Diwan Adamus[2], son of Alena
        • Hara Danaya, daughter of Minea
          • Unnamed Diwani, daughter of Danaya
      • Sang'gre Amihan, daughter of Esmeralda
    • Sang'gre Adhara, niece of Demetria

Other Lireans




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  2. Mark Reyes

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